Isla: 2 years!

Isla’s Stats:
Height: 36 inches
Weight: 27 lbs 8 oz 


We made it! Isla turned 2 on July 12 and while I am behind in posting this, I’ve been updating things to make sure I wouldn’t forget.

Sweet sweet Isla. Man. She is a snuggler and cuddler and any other word you can make up to explain how much she likes cozy comfort. She’s a sensory seeker and likes to rub my arms, Butters’s ears, her face on my back, her blankies, etc. She’s also been sucking her lip a lot lately. I think these two comfort measures go hand in hand and may have something to do with weaning a few months ago.

Sleep: Let’s chat about sleep. My god she’s a sleeper! FINALLY! She has been sleeping so well and napping well. She has her days where things are off but they aren’t the norm. In fact, we read to her before nap and bed and she always asks for her bed after she turns off the light. I can usually sing for a few minutes in the dark but once she is ready for bed- she wants in her crib. There is no way in hell we are moving her into a toddler bed anytime soon.

Communication: Isla isn’t near the talker that her peers seem to be. Caleb was talking a lot more at this age. BUT Isla has been fully potty trained and has amazing gross/fine motor skills so we figure that’s the trade off. She’s got a lot of 2 word sentences and a few 3 word sentences. She says things like “no, mom! Stop, mom!”, “no way”, “noodle doodle”, “chippy dippy” (she comes up with rhymes on her own, “no brodder! MINE!”, “yeah bro!”, “gotta get that boom boom boom”. You know…the basics. She knows all of her colors and is counting to 3, maybe 4 is we’re lucky. She sings a lot though and it’s really cute. She loves Wheels on the Bus and singing that while she’s on the swing. She absolutely loves Daniel Tiger and Shaun the Sheep. We went through a phase where I had to sing the Goodnight song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood at every nap/bed and say goodnight to ALL the characters too. Her tantrums have been amazing and the biggest ones always revolve around clothing. She can rage. It is amazing. It’s usually because she needs help with a shirt but doesn’t want help, or her sock wont go on her hand the correct way, or for some reason the shorts don’t work with both legs in one leg hole. She throws herself on the floor and screams for a while. She flails and hits. It’s definitely like my sister as a toddler. She’s great at getting dressed and putting shoes on but lord help you the time it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

Isla has been doing gymnastics and has been doing so well! We needed to put her in classes because she was swinging and hanging from everything. By the end of her first class she was holding the rings and flipping. Her coach said she picked it up incredibly fast. She can forward flip on the bar but it hurts her stomach still so she doesn’t like to do it much. She is not a fan of the beam and loves jumping in the foam pit and doing somersaults everywhere. It’s been so fun to watch her learn new skills each class.

Isla had her follow-up eye appointment and she has to wear an eye patch for an hour each day until October. Then we probably switch eyes for a while to see if there is improvement. Her diagnosis is: maybe intermittent exotropia. The maybe is important here because the doctor hasn’t seen enough to give it a for certain. Let me tell you though–I have. I see it. I know there’s a problem with her eyes and I can tell it’s gotten more exaggerated as she’s gotten older. We call it an “eye sticker” and she actually likes picking out her patch and wearing it because she thinks it’s a sticker. If the eye sticker doesn’t work the solution is surgery…but we’re hoping the patch works.

Some of Isla’s favorite things are: puzzles, ice cream truck, playing outside, peeing outside, swimming, picking tomatoes, mussels. We do puzzles every single day. She loves them and loves destroying a finished puzzle to put it back together. If she even hears the ice cream truck she runs screaming “eye cream! Wait, wait!!!” And then proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs like a “whoo girl”. She loves driving the ATV powerwheel and riding Caleb’s skaeboard. Chalk is one of her favorite things and she loves coloring outside. She’s been peeing outside a lot this summer. She sees Caleb do it so much so she actually stands to pee and put her hands on her imaginary penis (I’m serious). She loves fresh garden peas and tomatoes and if she doesn’t pick them she asks Caleb to get them for her. She loves mussels and any other foods your toddler won’t eat. Seriously, her 2nd birthday dinner was clams, mussels, and lobsters. The only thing? She still wont eat bread. She will eat some pizza crust on a Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza but she prefers ribs and meats and veggies over anything else. Broccoli is one of her favorite foods and she rarely drinks juice. She just wants water. We call her our Atkins baby.





































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