Isla: 23 months

Isla’s Stats:


Isla is finally eating bread products! But, it’s only Costco poppyseed muffins and Target cereal bars. But that’s a start! She actually has begun to like milk too. Isla’s latest thing has been saying “no way!” and she loves telling us emphatically when she does not want to do something. She’s so independent and thinks she can do anything. She’s been jumping off the couches– but she first lays pillows down so she can land on them.

The kids are on summer break and Isla is napping really well at home.She’s been waking from her naps with a dry diaper so that’s great. She’s still doing awesome using the toilet and only has accidents once in a while. She likes to play in her bed and especially likes playing “nigh-nigh” where she wants to lay in her bed and pretend to sleep. She enjoys jumping in her bed and on ours while singing “no more monkeys”.

Her hair is like a white guy gheri curl from the early 80’s and its getting so long that it basically just curls up more each day. She doesn’t like having it washed much and hates having it brushed. I am able to do her hair if I distract her with my iphone but I have to do it quick because she starts to slap my hands away. Speaking of–Isla is hitting a lot. She has started pinching me too and that really hurts. We redirect her and then she will hit herself and cry. It’s all really exaggerated and well acted.

She loves playing in water and jumping in her pool. She has been into the Marble Run lately and loves playing with Caleb…specifically taking all the marbles and trying to shove them in when he doesn’t want her to. He gets mad at her and then she yells in his face. She’s still very into shoes and loves putting on all of our shoes and walking around the house. Her rain boots are her favorite though and they are way too small so I have to get rid of those while she’s asleep. I sing to Isla at bed time and she’s been singing the ABC’s with me and it is the cutest thing ever. She’s not super good at it but she will try her hardest to do the whole song. This was Isla last month of school and then she is on summer break and it’s been a rough month because she’s been very clingy at drop off and doesn’t want me to leave.


























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