Isla: 22 months

Isla’s Stats:


This month Isla has been so funny and has gotten so much more independent. She wants to walk everywhere. She loves doing things on her own and desperately wants things to work the way she thinks they should. Isla had her eye appointment this month (she was crossing her eyes). It appears she can cross her eyes on her own and she does it deliberately. But she does have a little bit of a turn, where her eye (I think it’s her left) can look a little turned out. No one has ever noticed it but me and the ophthalmologist noticed it 2.5 times. So, she has to go back in a few months for another exam to determine if she needs glasses for sure (he thinks she will). I plan on getting a second opinion just for certainty but I feel like she will need glasses to correct it as well. She did phenomenally well during the appointment…until her eyes began to dilate. She went nuts. It was a glorious tantrum. Glorious. We were in there for 1.5 hours and 1/2 of that was screaming and fighting and tripping and trying to walk and getting pissed that she couldn’t see.

Isla can open doors now and turn on some light. Yay. (That’s sarcasm). She’s locked herself in the pantry numerous times. She’s finally figured out how to get out though but she likes to shut herself in the pantry. Isla knows all of her colors. She’s known them for a while but now clearly knows all of the basics, even gold and silver. We got rid of her high chair this month and she just sits at the table now. It works well since her school doesn’t put them in high chairs. We also got rid of all sippy cups and she drinks out of cups (her school also moved to glasses so it was a good transition).

Isla went on her first ride this month and absolutely loved it. She loved being able to go high in the air (kiddie rides) and loved that she got to do some of the things Caleb gets to do. This month Isla also tasted a worm. She was playing with it and then ran over to the side of the house to hide and I found her slurping it like a noodle. Isla is one of the snuggliest toddlers I’ve ever encountered. After her naps she wants to snuggle for a long time. She also rubs our backs when she hugs us. She is really loud though. At school she runs over to her friends who are napping (it’s pick up time for Isla) and she yells in their faces “NIGH NIGH”. It’s equally hilarious and obnoxious. She loves the woman in the office at her school and searches for her every morning so she can give her a hug.

Potty Training: I guess we can call it: Isla is potty trained. She still wears a diaper at nap and bed but she has it down. She uses the potty on her own, can climb onto the toilet, uses the toilet at stores/restaurants/school/etc, and is now pooping in the potty! (Yes!) She is doing so well. She has accidents here and there and hasn’t fully nailed down the sensation to poop 100% so she often runs around yelling “uh oh, wipe!” and bends over thinking the poop could come at any moment. A lot of times she poops on the floor and then comes running yelling “oh no” and covering her face in shock.

Bedtime: Since weaning, Isla has been going to bed really well- and still sleeping through the night 90% of the time. What’s totally new is that she will reach for her bed and want into it within a few minutes of snuggling in her chair in her room. It’s not normal for her so it has been weird. I say “do you want into your bed?” and she says “yeah” and then that’s it. As we walk out she will usually say “daddy! daddy!” or growls at me (seriously). One night I put her into bed and she pretended to be asleep and did the classic “honk-shooo” noise. It was hilarious; she thinks she’s so funny. Sometimes as she is laying in my arms she will hold her babies up to me face and make me kiss them.

Communication: Isla has a lot of new words but doesn’t talk as much as Caleb did at this age. She’s been saying things are pretty “preee” and is yelling “no!” at us a lot. She is really opinionated and assertive and definitely knows what she wants. She loves to “transform” (Super Why style) and her favorite show to watch is Ruff, Ruff, Tweet and Dave. Isla really enjoys singing and loves “la la la” by Sam Smith. She still refuses to call Caleb anything other than “bro”.































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