Isla: 20 months

Isla’s Stats:

20This month Isla has had a huge language explosion where she will (if in the mood) try to repeat words you ask her to say. Isla is VERY expressive and makes the funniest faces. She is definitely a joker and loves being silly. Isla’s fine motor skills are really awesome. She can put gloves and socks on her hands. She is *this close* to actually getting a sock on her feet. She takes her jackets off and tries to put clothes on. She can untwist twist caps, which is actually frightening. If it’s not child proof- this girl can get it open.

Isla has gotten more into her school friends and loves seeing them. She is such a social person and loves waving and blowing kisses to people. She runs to out neighbor for hugs and loves playing with all of the older kids. Isla has gotten into pretend play a lot recently and will make pretend food and eat it and she loves walking around with purses and says “bye bye” as she walks to the door (she got this from seeing her teachers or Melissa leave because she rarely ever sees me with a purse).

Eating: Isla went through a phase where she wanted tea every morning when she woke. It started because I gave her tea when she was sick and then that was all she wanted. And she HAD to drink it out of one of her toy teacups. She’s gotten really into napkins and likes wiping her hands and face and then shredding them to bits. She doesn’t like bread still but will somehow eat crayons, glue, suck markers dry, eat playdoh, gulp down sand, and eat cigarette butts from the ground. Sick. Isla is still nursing to sleep at nap and bed and during wake ups.

Communication: As I mentioned above, she is definitely talking a lot more but she doesn’t talk as much as Caleb did at this age. The difference here is that the words she says are REALLY clear. So, she doesn’t really toddler babble but says real words clearly when she means it. She says “no” and “yeah” a lot to things and has started shaking her head yes or no when we ask questions. When I put her to bed at night we have this little conversation where I ask her to say things and she does (that’s babbling for sure) but the other night this happened:
Me: Can you say night night?
Isla: nigh-nigh
Me: Can you say I love you?
Isla: I wuhyou
Me: Can you say sweet dreams?
Isla: Seedeeem
Me: Can you say see you in the morning?
Isla: No.

Temperament: Tantrums are here. She gets mad and still hits and then will quickly try to kiss to make up for it. She’s been unbelievably clingy with me and every single night as I go to make dinner she runs into kitchen screaming and begging for me to hold her. We’ve tried using the helper tower so she can watch but she wants me to hold her the whole time. It’s been really exhausting but I know it’s because she is teething. Isla isn’t really a fan of the stroller either. She doesn’t like being in it and would rather walk/run off. She doesn’t like being work either so outings have been a lot of running and chasing and screaming. Isla loves lining things up still and her favorite color is clearly “purple”. She seems out purple things and yells “purple! purple!”. She knows a few colors well now and absolutely loves coloring. She likes coloring on paper but she loves going through the whole crayon box and lining them up and checking out all of the different types and colors. She will do this for a solid 30 minutes. A big thing this month has been music and dancing. She loves dance parties with Caleb and I and she adores Katy Perry songs, Atomic Dog, Hey Ya, and any other songs that Caleb sings over and over.































One thought on “Isla: 20 months

  1. Those cheeks are something else! And I love the photo of Isla in the pool – like a beached whale. I came looking for the 21 month update, but looks like you posted the photo on fb before the blog post here. 🙂

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