Isla: 19 months

Isla’s Stats:
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 26lbs 4 oz


Isla is huge. She is so tall and her doctor makes sure to comment on how she’s average for a 2/5 year old. In fact, my sister kept thinking Isla was 2 because she’s so big (she must have thought she was hyper delayed because she doesn’t talk like a 2 year old!). Isla is really growing into her own unique person and we are learning so much about her (and truthfully about Caleb through this whole process). Isla is hyper extroverted (like me) and it’s really becoming more and more apparent how similar, yet so different she and Caleb are. She is very people oriented and hates going to school if only 1-2 kids are there; she wants the room full of kids so she can run and play with them and seems to dislike the small setting.

Eating: Basically the same. Still doesn’t like breads (minus noodles and Starbucks cheese danishes and cake pops). Otherwise, she’s not a fan. She doesn’t really like cookies or snacks and prefers meals. She doesn’t really like juices and still prefers water to most things. The only exception here would be her love of juice boxes. We keep them in our car and she loves those. Her lower eye teeth have been bulging and trying to come in all month so she’s been in total misery. She’s still nursing 1-3 times a day too.

Communication:  Isla is communicating a lot and putting together little sentences. She still does a whole lot of pointing and grunting and WHINING. She’s saying “thank you” on her own, without and goading from us and she is trying to count. She’s doing really well with colors and has gotten good at saying a few of them.

Temperament: Isla thinks she’s hilarious. She’s sneaky and likes to stare at us as she does things she shouldn’t then runs off laughing. She is going to give us hell…it’s clear. I don’t even want to imagine how Isla at 3 will be. She is still very attached to me and loves snuggling and reading on my lap. She is still VERY into her babies. Everything is a baby and they all need to be lined up and in a certain spot or she gets mad (see the video below where she tries to get all of her babies to fit in the stroller). Isla has a quick temper and little patience so she gets fired up about things and then yells or hits. She bit Caleb’s back the other day and she has a tendency to get mad at him when he tries to sit with me so she starts shoving and hitting him. Then she gets in trouble and quickly says “niiiiice” and pets him like a dog. Isla loves playing outside and drawing with sidewalk chalk. She also really likes sitting on the road in the cul de sac, watching us play soccer, and doing the stomp rocket.

I wish I had more specific info to update. I accidentally deleted Isla’s info I update as she grows so this is just pretty basic.











































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