Isla: 18 months

Isla’s Stats:


Isla doesn’t have any updates for her 18 month appt because her doctor is always booked so far in advance, her appt isn’t until next month. She’s changing so much though and it is so much fun to watch her grow and change and learn new things.

Sleep: Sleep has been going really well. Same as last month really, in that she sleeps pretty well and wakes 0-2 times a night. Some nights she wakes 2 hours after falling asleep and then sleeps until I wake her, other nights, she wakes at 5am and falls back to sleep after I nurse her. I still nurse her to sleep every single time and it’s not an issue for her or me. In fact, she seems to only be nursing for comfort and then passes back out. She HAS to sleep with a baby though and if she has a baby and her blankie in bed she will grab them and roll over and pass out.

Eating: Isla is still not into carrots but she seems to be warming up. When we make fresh juice she gnaws on the raw carrots. The difference here is she will chug the green juice we make but the second we add carrot she can tell and won’t even touch that juice. Isla is still nursing (I’m sure you gathered from above). She only nurses at nap and bed. She hardly nurses when she does though and I don’t get let down anymore. I can tell she is getting close to weaning but I also notice that it deeply comforting to her to nurse before bed. It soothes her and she settles right into bed so there is no rush to stop yet. I haven’t nursed from my right breast in a little over a month now so I’m just down to one breast, 2-3 times/day. Isla is still big into mushrooms and cheese. She is not a fan of bread products and picks through breads to get the “good stuff”. She’s a huge zucchini fan and she loves marshmallows and goldfish. This month she fell in love with Bubble Tea (the tapioca is her favorite thing) and chamomile tea.

Communication: Communication is really blowing up. She’s starting to use little sentences like “bye bye daddy”. She can say: apple, baby, owie, hot, ornament, thank you, bunny, Bubby, up, book, bubble, noodle (new-new). She is signing water but can also say it. She says “bye bye poo poo” when we flush in the bathroom. The funniest thing is she yells “mom” at me in the car and I can hear it from upstairs when she tries to get me to come up. It sounds so urgent and firm like “MAM!”

Likes/Temperament: Babies. Babies. Babies. Isla is obsessed. It’s a mess. She has baby dolls and stuffed animals and robots and Elmo and toy penguins and they are all her “bee-bees”. They have to go “nigh-nigh” under a blanket and if one is not covered she has a fit. She loves trucks and wrestling with Tyler. She has a really bad temper and throws interesting fits where she lays face down and starts kicking. She will run at us with her mouth open like she wants to bite but knows better. She will sometimes hit herself or bite her hand. They don’t last long but they are efficient. While she’s freaking out she usually runs to Butters and hugs her while she cries. It’s both adorable and heartbreaking. She is climbing everything and actually pushed a chair next to her crib and then climbed IN to her bed.









































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