Isla: 17 months

Isla’s Stats:


This month has been pretty busy! Isla has two new molars so she had a few rough weeks. Isla went on break from school on the 8th so that was a bit scary because she absolutely loves school. She actually started running from me at pick-up because she didn’t want to leave. I really hope she adjusts well in January when she goes back. It sort of became a joke that Isla has a “play-doh problem”; she loves eating it. It’s disgusting and she is sneaky about it and hides while trying to eat it.

Eating: This month I started to wean Isla a bit. I stopped offering her my breast after she wakes. So it was a rough two days but I basically just offered her an apple or distracted her and she was fine. She does still nurse to sleep at nap and bed and will occasionally wake at night but she is not nursing near as often as she use to. I do notice it is mainly a comfort thing for her. I had planned on weaning her completely in December but I am OK taking this really slow. The big news here is that she is FINALLY drinking milk from a cup. She would take tiny sips but never really wanted milk. She actually drinks it now and while it is clearly not her favorite (she prefers water), she is at least drinking it so that’s good news! In terms of food, Isla is still favoring mushrooms to anything else. She loves marshmallows and “Charlie Luckys” (what Caleb calls Lucky Charms). She also loves getting to hold a whole apple and that she can snack on it anytime.

Sleep: Sleep has been awesome! She is sleeping through the night 80% of the time and she is sleeping well. She has gone back to two naps since being home but I think that will stop once she goes back to school. Her naps are still totaling about 3 hrs. As long as she has her lovey blankets in her crib, she will basically pass out. Phew!

Temperament/Likes: Isla has a bad temper. She is a biter. She gets mad and then tries to bite. Sometimes she just puts her teeth on me like a warning(!) but won’t bite, other times she will. Usually she tries to kiss me after wards but she is also hitting. She gets mad and hits herself in the head too. Her fits have begun and she will lay on the floor and kick her legs. Usually once that starts, we know it’s bed time. She doesn’t scream (or thankfully have a screech/high pitch voice) but she does yell when she gets mad. In terms of what she likes: babies. A lot. Building lego wands, walking like a zombie, growling at us, scaring us, flipping in the air, jumping off the ottoman/couch, running, walking around with blankets over her head, back massages (she lays down on her belly enjoying them), Mr. Potato Head, putting k’nex together, toothbrushes and flossing. She has about 6 toothbrushes now and basically throws a fit if she sees one and cannot get it. Isla is a daredevil and it is frightening. She doesn’t have any fear. She just assumes someone will catch her and she has pushed herself backwards in her highchair and fell into the window (frightening but wasn’t hurt) and she has laid herself out on the floor after falling off the chair in the dining room. She climbs on tables and then says “hi” and smiles when I tell her to get down. She is a handful!

Communication: Lots of big changes here this month. More signs: water, please, butterfly but many more words/sounds: moo, nonono, beep beep, nighnigh, more, oven, llama, bye bye, mom. Yeah, she has started calling me mom. It’s usually in the car where she randomly yells “MOM!” Isla GETS a lot of things. She takes her socks off and takes them to the laundry room…we find those socks in the garbage can in the laundry room–but at least she is trying. She is really affectionate and loves hugs and high fives from everyone in the room. She is not shy at all. In fact, she;s so extroverted that it’s a bit scary. She runs up to complete strangers and asks to be picked up, she gets in kid’s faces and kisses them, she is basically dangerously social.

Isla has started to fake sleep/snore and is starting to figure out how to blow her nose (thank god).






































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