Isla: 16 months

Isla’s Stats:

16 months

Isla has used the potty a few times! We’ve had the potty chair in the bathroom so she can see it and sit on it when we go to the bathroom. Ty has been convinced that she’s peeing when she sits on it (in her diaper) and I just took her diaper off one day and she peed then came back 30 minutes later and pooped! It was amazing! If she goes diaperless she has TONS of accidents. Usually she will point at her potty and then pee on the floor. So, she clearly gets what it’s for- she just isn’t using it!

Isla is doing so well at school too. In fact, she still just runs off after we wash hands. She waves at me and then runs to play. It is amazing. There have been a few mornings where she cries cries/whines but those have been mornings wherein she was really tired. The only time she seems miserable is when I pick her up. It’s as though she wants me to think she One of the best things about her being in school is she has actually covered her mouth with her arm while coughing a few times. The thing about Isla is she is not shy at all. We went to Great Wolf Lodge and she basically accosted every kid she could. She would squat in their face and start babbling and then never leave them alone. She is definitely a water baby like Caleb and she loved being in the water. She had a blast playing in the fountain and going down the little slides with us.

Eating: Favorite food is still mushrooms. If Isla even sees a mushroom on a plate she will point and yell until you give it to her so we have learned to wolf our mushrooms down quickly. She’s not really into bread products and is slowly warming to them. She also still dislikes carrots. Isla adores breakfast burritos so it’s great to see her want to eat something other than eggs in the morning (I credit her school with this since they have such varied meals). Isla loves noodles (any kinds) but he favorites are mushroom stuffed ravioli (duh). Isla can also chew a mean whole in cardboard boxes. Isla is still nursing. We’re down to about 4-5 times in 24 hrs. She’s not really nursing to get milk though and I notice most of it is comfort. She is STILL cutting her molars and the only thing that really soothes her is nursing. I do still nurse her to sleep too. Hoping to cut that out at some point!

Communication: Isla has a made up word for her blankie called “nee”. One day in the car I said “I love you” and she said “I luhhh you”! Her new animal noise is a snake “ssss”. She has stopped calling Ty “Dada” and now calls him “Daddy”. She also can say “doggie”, “ear”, “hi”, “Don” (our neighbor), “oh no” (she does this with her hands on her face).

Temperament/Likes: This month Isla fell in love with Mr. Potato Head. She likes us to build them so she can take them apart. I’d say it’s her current favorite toy. Isla always rips her socks off when she can. We find socks behind her bed in piles. Unless she is wearing laced boots she will always rip her shoes off and then her socks. She does seem to love wearing her slippers though. She LOVES when Ty gets home from work and runs looking for him yelling his name. After her nap she looks for him and Caleb- it’s really sweet. Isla is really snuggly and likes to cuddle. She loves giving kisses and holding Caleb’s hand. Isla loves playing in the kitchen and has been a great “helper” putting their bowls and plates on the counter for me, even when I don’t ask for it. 🙂 She loves putting things in the drawers and closing the pantry. She is really good at cleaning up too. I’m sure that won’t last. She likes to scare us and “shoot” with her finger (thanks Caleb). She really likes wrestling and rough housing, which again, is all thanks to Caleb. It’s OK, though, she’s a tough cookie. Isla loves playing “zombies” after dinner with Caleb and Ty and I. She likes to run around and do this really funny attempt at a zombie walk while growling. Then if she hears Caleb running she darts full speed and collapses into my arms. It’s really funny.

Sleep: Sleep has been a lot better. She is down to one nap and they usually last about 3-3.5 hours. She is also sleeping much better at night. A lot of times she will sleep through the night or just briefly wake and whine and pass back out. Some nights she wakes 1 or 2 times. Rarely more than that anymore. Thank god! She loves her blankies and likes to cuddle one in her arms and on her face when she goes to bed. There have been a few days here and there with 2 naps, but she does best with one long nap.







































One thought on “Isla: 16 months

  1. Ha LOVE IT! She is a little Jenn! The ones w/ her and Caleb–esp where he is in big brother mode holding her hand or otherwise taking care of her–are terrific. In other news, Ty dresses like such as “dad” (e.g. dad jeans w/ the tennis shoes) esp in the pic of him and Isla going down the slide. I mean he’s always dressed like that, so I guess some might say he was ahead of his time!

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