Isla: 15 months

Isla’s Stats:
Height: 33 inches
Weight: 23lbs 10oz


This month marked Isla’s first time at the Child Development Center on campus. I had been waiting for the day I could take both kids to the same place. The first week was a nightmare. She went on a legit hunger strike and refused all food. It was bananas. The first two days she cried most of the time and then it slowly got better BUT now it is different. She LOVES it. She doesn’t even cry at drop off but rather runs to the sink to wash her hand and then waves at me as I leave. Sometimes she makes a sad face but she quickly moves on after I leave. Phew. It was scary for a while there. She seems to love everyone there and she is very free with smiles and snuggles so I feel really good about her being there.

Isla is obsessed with shoes. It’s pretty intense. She wants to have shoes on all the time. She walks around the house in her rain boots because she loves them. She will bring shoes to us when she wants to wear them or go outside. Sometimes she screams if I take her shoes off. She clearly enjoys them, a lot. has been sitting on the potty when I go to bathroom. She also discovered art this month. She really likes coloring with crayons at home and playing with shaving cream at school. Isla is really coordinated and is totally fine walking up and down steps (though she gets down steps backward). This is so foreign to us because Caleb would basically walk off the steps as though he was invincible. Isla can out shapes into the shape sorter toys and has gotten really good at throwing things.

A big thing for Isla this month has been role-playing and copying things she sees us do. She loves taking plates out of the cupboard and putting them on the counter. She likes to go in the pantry and move the food around and she will actually pick things up and put them back if we tell her to. In the bath tub she takes her shampoo bottle and tries to wash her hair and she also takes clothes into the laundry room and then puts them in the laundry basket. She also tries to climb into the washing machine regularly. These things are so fun to watch. She loves brushing her hair and her teeth too.

Sleep: Well, hello there. No update. Ever. She still wakes. Some nights she wakes once, other nights she wakes 4 times. Her naps are great and she usually has one long nap during the day. Since she started school, she has been exhausted and on the weekends is still doing two naps. All four of her molars are coming in and that’s made my nights torture. They are so slow to emerge and each one is coming right after the other. Toward the end of the month she was sleeping really well and only waking about once a night. It really is never consistent so I take each night as it comes.

Eating: Isla loves food. She does not like milk. At all. She will take a sip and then throw it and yell for her water. Isla is also still nursing. December is my stop date and I have serious anxiety and know that will be hell. Isla loves nursing. I NEED to wean her from night nursing and know that’s gonna be hell. If Ty even tries to go in her room at night she screams bloody murder. She is very attached to nursing and I love that it soothes her but I am feeling a pull of wanting to be done and wean her and wanting to let her wean herself when she is ready. Isla is doing incredibly well using utensils. She often goes back to using her hands but she can definitely pick food up with a spoon/fork. 

Communication: She has finally started adding more words but still not as many as Caleb had at this age. For the longest time she just kept pointing at things and saying “that?” Now she says: choo choo, shoes, eye, eieio, ta-da, dud-er (brother). She does a really cute trumpet sound like toot-toot-a-loo. One of the funniest things is that if you ask Isla if she pooped or has to poop she makes fart noises. She knows where her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheeks, hair and belly button is if you ask her and she has her own signs for “bath” and “nigh-nigh”. Isla “sings” songs, which basically means she moves her mouth to songs as though she is lip syncing. It is really funny and it’s something Caleb did too so it’s neat seeing them do similar things. Isla does a little hand shake to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift and she really loves dancing. Their love of music is definitely something that they share (especially Deadmau5).

Temperament/Likes: Isla has a short fuse and definitely has a temper. She listens to us pretty well but she also tries to do things we tell her not to do and she things it’s funny. She stand on chairs and smiles at us as we tell her to get down and the other day she held my hand as we walked through Costco. She was totally fine walking with me and then out of the blue she shoved my hand in her mouth and tried to bite me while wrenching herself free so she could run off. It was so deceptive but also really clever. She is also really destructive. She destroys books and then brings them to us in pieces saying ‘Uh oh”. I have no idea how she does it but she actually separates the board book pages. Isla has gotten really into Tyler this month and she asks for Da-da all the time. She loves giving Tyler kisses and she makes funny faces when his facial hair itches her face. It’s really sweet how much she likes Tyler now. Thank god. Isla also is one of those kids with a security blanket. Literally. Only Isla has 3 blankies I made her that she clutches regularly. She was dragging one blanket to the table at school so I took a remnant of the fabric and made her a little scrap for school and that has really made for less laundry. When she wakes she has to have one of the blankets with her when we come downstairs. This is also new to us since Caleb only ever really clung to a sippy cup and she’s one of those stereotypical blanket babies. Isla LOVES Chica on Sprout and loves watching her. She also likes Caillou and a few other shows that Caleb watches.




































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