Fall Family Pics

We did another mini session (we got two for the price of one so it was a steal!) with Stacy Jacobsen. This time we decided to do pics of all four of us instead of just the kids. It is next to impossible to get everyone to look at the camera or to look “normal”. I was really dreading the pics of me because I am still struggling to lose my belly weight. I’ve actually lost 30 lbs since having Isla and I am wearing a pant size I haven’t worn in 5 years! I haven’t been sharing my weight loss journey because it is a lifestyle change we have made and it is still something we are trying to figure out in terms of maintenance.

Losing 30 lbs is amazing, but I am having a really tough time getting my stomach to shrink down. I think I still look pregnant. I’ve always struggled with holding weight in my hips/thighs/butt so this is new. I felt better after looking at our family pics from last year as there is a very noticeable improvement. I just have to accept that this is my struggle and I carried two incredibly big and healthy babies to term so it won’t be a walk in the park. If I could just have Caleb LOOK into the camera in that second to last photo where I am not standing weird and jutting my stomach out and actually look normal, that would be amazing. One thing is clear: these kids are gorgeous. I am obsessed with these photos of Caleb and Isla. That photo of Caleb third down is killing me and the ones of Isla in the leaves are SO her.

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-173 - Copy

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-171

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-170

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-169

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-167

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-166

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-164

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-163

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-162

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-161

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-157

Wright Park Mini Session 2014-155


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