A Birthday Boy


Four years.  Can you believe Caleb was born 4 years ago!? I remember his birth day so so well. I remember looking at him for the first time. Seeing his little purple face and scraggly nails. I was in love. Instantly. Four years sounds like a lot but when you break it down into days, it’s only been about 1464 days since Caleb was born. Man. This year he has changed so much. He went from being our baby to being a big brother. He went from being a little kid to a big kid. He’s growing up and we have to accept it. I look at him and I swear I get glimpses of the person he will be: how he will look, how he will talk, how his body will look, what he will want to do, what his goals will be. His entire future is one big blank slate and I am so overjoyed to watch him grow and learn but also– I hate it.

I asked Caleb a few questions as a sort of birthday interview. Caleb has never swayed in what he wants to be (I am sure he will sometime) and his favorite things in this world involve building things. He yearns to know how things work. He wants to know processes and cause and effect. He is a really smart kid in that he knows all upper/lower case letters, can count to 20, can spell about 7 words, he knows the phonic sounds for each letter, and he is really into science. He loves “spelling” words on Microsoft Word and he loves doing ABCMouse. He’s a perfectionist and has zero patience. He is beginning to show some insecurities and I know it is all part of his development and realization of differences but I try so hard to help him accept that not everyone is the same and not everyone can do the same things. Examples: if he does not draw a heart perfectly, he gets very upset; if he messes up a spirograph drawing, he gets really mad and yells; he has to have things in order so if you move his pens out of place he gets angry. It all basically comes down to this: if you show him something and he cannot replicate it exactly, he loses it.

He builds amazing symmetrical towers out of Legos and loves making patterns. He likes to have all of these things on display so he often gets sad that “he has no Legos”. We try to tell him how fun it is to take them apart and build new ones, but he loves marveling in his creations. I hope he never loses his creativity because it is strong with this kid. He is really into farts and burps now. He loves fizzy water because it helps him make “garnormous” burps. He LOVES yard work and looking for spiders and shooting them with his cap guns. He is also really emotional. He loves a lot and he loves hard. He love snuggles and he likes to make people feel good. With me, it is exceptional. He asks to rub my back, he calls me “sweetie” (today he called me “beautiful” and caught himself and then shyly smiled), he likes to cuddle on the couch under blankets, and he loves the dogs (Chloe is his favorite). He is scared to death of dentists and doctors and I imagine this will continue to be a struggle for quite some time.

Sleep is still a struggle for Caleb. You would think a 4 year old should be sleeping through the night and in their bed. Nope. He still wakes. He comes into our room every night. He still needs us to sit or lay by him while he falls asleep and he still wakes too early. Caleb still needs naps a few days a week because he wakes too early and his bed time is usually 6:30pm, which sucks because he cannot play with anyone after dinner.

Favorite Color: Green and Light Blue (sounds like white blue)
Favorite Book: Walter the Farting Dog
Favorite Song: All Deadmau5
What do you want to be when you grow up: a bridge builder
Favorite Games: Minecraft and angry birds and I can’t remember
Favorite thing to do: go on roller coasters and water slides
Favorite thing to do with mom: play games
Favorite thing to do with dad: tackling
Favorite thing to do with Isla: Umm, play with her
Favorite toy: Big dunes (guns), cap dunes (guns)
Who is your best friend: you, and Avery but he isn’t here anymore but he’s my best friend.
What do you like to do at school: I like to play with my friends at school and I’m doing awesome at ABCMouse.
Favorite words: I like to spell off, on and air conditioner.
What do you want for your birthday: skateboard, spider toy, cake and caps.
How is is mommy: 22?
How old is daddy: oh, I have no idea.

Happy birthday to the boy who made me mama!

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