Isla: 14 months

Isla’s Stats:

Isla: 14 months

Isla is bananas. She growls all the time. When she gets mad she growls at us and thinks it’s funny to run at us hunched over growling. The other day she bit my leg as she fell (she does this often) and then I said “ow! no biting!” and she started crying and then ran at me with a kiss. So, while she’s a turd, she is hyper affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses. She’s got a lot of personality and it’s pouring out. She’s been knocking over chairs and then climbing on them which is really frightening because she clearly has a death wish. She also likes to spin in circles (equally frightening) and try to drive Caleb nuts. I brought out the potty chair just for her to get use to seeing and she sits on it anytime we take her in the bathroom (sometimes she tips it over and climbs on it).

Isla’s big thing this month has been music. She loves listening to music and watching people dance. Her favorite songs: Boom Clap, Chandelier, Hideaway, Fancy, and Sky Full of Stars. She dances a lot and rolls around on the floor in her blankies. Isla has learned to take her shirt off and I discovered that when I went in to get her one morning and she was shirtless. She always takes socks off but now we gotta watch her with the shirts. She still brings me shoes (even Caleb’s) when she wants to go outside. She absolutely loves being outside and exploring rocks and flowers and leaves. She’s really big and has unbelievably long legs so she’s in 2T tops and the 2T pants look a little small. She’s in size 5 shoes so she’s probably going to have big feet too,

Her favorite toys are the wooden train set and Legos. She actually built a little car out of mega blocks and was pushing it around saying “vroom vroom”. She pushes the train on the track too! She loves her baby dolls and hugs them while walking around. Isla is not a fan of light up toys so we took about 5 bags to donate. She seems to just really want to read books, play with kitchen utensils, and try to build Legos (she stuck two together the other day). She just started stacking blocks and after stacking two was so excited she picked both up and took them to Ty to show him.

Eating/food: Hummus is a new food for Isla this month and she loves it. Isla’s favorite food is clearly mushrooms. She shovels mushrooms in at an astonishing rate. She likes cooked mushrooms in the morning with her eggs. Olives are another big favorite and she loves to eat them off her finger. She is still not that into carrots. She likes to drink water out of my big cup and is still struggling with drinking milk. We keep offering it to her and she takes small drinks but she really only wants water. I am still nursing about 6 times a day. It is exhausting. She is showing zero signs of weaning.

Sleep: Isla had a solid week and a half where she slept THROUGH THE NIGHT and then woke at 5am and went back to sleep. Of course, it didn’t last. She still averages 1-2 wakes per night. Nearing the end of this month she has started crying when I lay her down (even when she is passed out) and so I know she is going through some sort of developmental change. She mainly takes 1 nap a day now and it usually lasts about 2.5 hours. There have been a few 2 nap days because she woke too early but she seems to do better with 1 nap and also seems to sleep better at night. Still nursing to sleep.

Communication: Isla still says “that?” to everything. She says “I-ah” (Isla) really well and thinks that is what all babies are called. She’s been hitting her mouth to tell me she wants to nurse even though she knows the sign for milk. She says “uh oh” now and makes a really funny airplane noise. She can say “choo choo” and “vroom”. Her favorite animal “noise” is chameleon and she thinks its hilarious if we stick our tongue out like we are trying to get a fly. She comprehends so much of what we say and understands a lot. She knows that “get down like a big girl” means to be careful climbing down steps.










































6 thoughts on “Isla: 14 months

  1. You take more pics of Isla in a month then I take in general in 6-7 years. Kudos. By the way love the Gremlin pic! That and the one w/ Caleb holding her as they went down the slide. : )

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