Isla: 13 months

Isla’s Stats:

Isla: 13 months

Isla’s love for Caleb is seriously adorable. The look she gets in her eyes when she watches him sometimes is the look of sincere love and adoration. He wears a hooded shark towel after the bath and she thinks it is the funniest thing ever. In fact, if Caleb has anything on his head she thinks it’s really funny. They still play really rough and she loves it until she gets hurt but she gets over it pretty quickly. Isla loves flowers and Tyler usually buys her flowers every week. She also likes to give lots of kisses and wants kisses from all of us at bedtime/naps. She blows kisses too. If she sees Ty or me kiss she then waddles over quickly to get kisses from us. She likes to kiss certain pictures in books and she really likes letting the dogs lick her hands and face.

This month Isla has been climbing a lot. She is fearless and we end up chasing her or saving her life often. She is really independent and wants to explore alone and gets angry when we don’t let her (usually it’s a safety thing like running off at the sprayground). She now sits in my lap when I read which is especially sweet. She is also pretty good at hiding things in the kitchen cupboard. She walks around with pairs of things and always has something in both hands. She likes playing with her blankets and putting them over her head…and then freaking out when they won’t stay on her.

Isla went to the dentist this month and did really well. She has 8 teeth now! She is walking incredibly well and she kinda struts when she walks. It gets comments from strangers because it’s so funny. She climbs on chairs and stands there shaking them which is really frightening. She also likes to climb in the lowest part of the bookshelf to hangout. PSA: ANCHOR YOUR FURNITURE!

Sleep: Isla is still napping twice a day like clock work. Usually she sleeps 1.5-2 hrs in the morning and then about 2 hours in the afternoon. She usually sleeps from around 7pm-6am and wakes 1-3 times. She seems to wake once a night most often…unless she is teething. I am pretty use to her waking a few times and I still nurse her to sleep. She’s actually a pretty light sleeper where if you just walk in her room she will pop up delirious and stand there. Hoping she becomes a heavier sleeper with time like Caleb did. She’s still very easy to read with sleep. Usually she will just start whining or crying and you know it is time. She is very predictable in that sense.

Communication: Isla won’t really say mama. She says dad all the time though. She says: hi, eye, did it, button, love, some animal sounds (chicken, duck, turkey). She is still pointing at everything and wanting to know “that”. She learned what shirt, shoes, pants and socks are and sometimes tries to dress herself. Isla has started growling again. At everyone all the time. Then she chuckles because she things she is really funny. The chuckle is hilarious because she is clearly over laughing. She likes watching Caleb do things and will “sing” while he is listening to music.

Food/Eating: Isla has really formed a love of oranges. She eats about 6 a day and loves them. She’s also gotten a bit more picky about foods. She mainly wants to eat for a while and then screams to get down so we end up putting some of her food on a little table because she wants to be on the go all the time. I remember Caleb doing this too so I am hoping it’ll be a short phase. Isla is still nursing. My goal is the end of the year to wean her. She nurses about 5-6 times a day. Caleb weaned himself right at 12 months and I have no idea what the heck to do since Isla is clearly still really into it. I am hoping she will slowly wean herself soon.

Temperament/Likes: BOOKS. Isla is seriously over the moon for books. LIsten, Caleb loved books too, but I have never seen a kid want to read this much. All day. She brings me books when I am cooking and then gets mad when I won’t read. She knows the titles of her favorite books and will retrieve them if we say “go get The Very Busy Spider”. We seriously read at least 30 books a day. Most of them over and over. Her current faves are Ladybug Girl, Baby Colors, Peek-A-Who, Very Busy Spider and Priddy picture books. Isla loves swimming too and will randomly bring us her swimsuit and then cry at us if we don’t get her dressed and take her outside. If Isla is in a bad mood you can make her very happy by putting her swimsuit on! If she wants to go outside, she will bring us her shoes and shove them at us. Isla has a thing for pine cones and can scope them out and then basically is on a mission to get them in her mouth.

She keeps us on our toes. We had high hopes she would be a very chill kid. So far, not happening.




































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