Isla: 1 year!

Isla’s Stats
Height: 32.5 inches (she’s huge!)
Weight: 23lbs 10oz

Isla: 1 year

I could go on and on about how I am shocked Isla is already a year old but I don’t want to. The year went fast, too fast. She is seriously the sweetest kid I’ve ever met. She snuggles stuffed animals, blankets, the floor, anything really. She loves giving kisses and and blowing kisses and she wants to know what everything in her world is called. She adores Caleb and Tyler and thinks they are both entertainment. They make her laugh the most and she loves tickles from them more than anyone. The biggest thing this last month is serious walking. She has been practicing for a while and this last month has been about mastery–she walks everywhere. She turns, she bobbles, she squats, but she somehow manages to stay afloat and keep going. She walked to Caleb one night and he was so excited, but she collapsed on his and he couldn’t support her and she slammed into the door. Things like that happen a lot. She mastered standing up from a sitting position right at 11 months and is a pro at climbing slides. Seriously, it’s shocking. She is a little monkey and she has no fear. We must breed fearless kids because both have been fearless of stairs, water, heights, animals, and it’s a constant battle of wills. Isla’s got a lot of nicknames. I wont even explain them: Lolly, Lolls, Wally, Walls, Eyes, Sis, Izzy, Monkey, and I am certain there are some I am missing. But she has a lot.

Communication: Isla can talk a lot. It’s a lot of first syllables but she is chatty. She says “all done” and “did it”. She seems to say “did it” most after stealing the remote or doing something she’s not supposed to. She says: love (luh), ball (bah), balloon (baaaw), “baby (bay), duck (duh), bubble (buh), mobile (mo), pom pom (pom), aye yaya, tada, clock (claw), bunny (buh), and bro (bruh). She only calls Ty “dad”, which is pretty cute.

Food/Eating: Isla got 3 new teeth this month! Teething has never been a breeze for Isla and each tooth has been a bear and caused her discomfort. She wakes a lot and is fussy and thankfully, Tylenol helps. She eats pretty much anything and seems to favor pizza and fruits. She will not eat anything for breakfast other than eggs. I keep trying but she has no interest in non egg dishes. Isla didn’t like her birthday cake. We tried twice. She wanted a banana. She’s tried whole milk a few times and no reaction! Yippee!

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty consistent in that she wakes 1-3 times no matter what; there’s no way to know which way it’ll go. She usually goes back to sleep right away when I nurse her but she had a rough few nights where she was up every hour screaming. She’s had a few days here and there where she has only taken 1 nap and those have been rough so thankfully, she still seems set on a 2 nap/day schedule. She lets us know when she is tired and starts signing “milk” and whining. Isla wakes happy 95% of the time and is doing a good job getting enough sleep (this was a serious issue for us with Caleb). I am still hyper anal about her sleep because of it and I refuse to mess with her schedule. The few times it has happened, it’s been bad.

Likes/Temperament: Loves baby dolls and blankets and clothes. She walks around clutching them. She tries to put shirts on and basically flings them at her head repeatedly. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Isla is still a really happy girl and is content most of the time. She’s really easy going and is still VERY attached to me. It’s frustrating but I know this is a normal sign of secure attachment so I’m good with it. Probably one of our favorite things is that Isla and Caleb are actually playing a lot together. She gets hurt a lot though because Caleb is very rough and likes to tackle her and push her and it’s been a battle teaching him how to play with her. She giggles when he does it so it sends the wrong message to his 3 year old brain. Isla has started fake laughing and it’s really funny. She does it when we laugh at stuff as though she is trying to fit in. Isla loves water and will get in no matter the weather. She loves the spraygrounds and playing in the slip’n slide. She loves the song “Fancy” and dances everytime she hears it. She is still very into books and we read about 30 books/day. Some over and over. I love watching kids attach to books.



























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