Isla: 11 months

Isla’s Stats:

Isla: Eleven months

Isla has taken a few unassisted steps! She started with 1-2 steps and then moved to 3-4 steps before diving for us. Her balance has gotten a lot better and she can stand for a long while. She is just struggling with getting those feet out in front of her for longer stretches. Because school ended for me, we no longer have our nanny which is really sad. Isla absolutely loves her and her little boy so I asked her if she would come watch the kids now and then. What’s funny about that is Isla has suddenly started making sounds that sound exactly like our nanny’s son, Camden. It’s super cute. They both basically grunt at each other and crawl over one another.

Isla has also been climbing like a maniac. You can see in the video below she can climb a slide. She did that 4 times. I was standing there in shock. Isla perpetually has one sock missing. It’s just her thing. Always one sock on and the other is missing. Isla really loves Caleb and one of my most favorite things is that they are really starting to play together. They lay around and giggle at each other and she things he the funniest thing.

Food/Eating: Isla is still nursing about 4-5 times/day and 1-3 times/night though I can tell it has diminished greatly. I am mentally preparing for her to wean (Caleb self-weaned and I was not mentally ready for that) so that if she does anytime soon, I can adjust a little better. I’m not able to pump as much as I use to so I just quit. Isla is a serious meat eater. No idea where that came from. She basically shovels it in. She ate half a pork chop the other night! We cannot seem to find any food that Isla doesn’t like other than carrots. Which is weird, because who doesn’t like cooked carrots!? She tried dried apricots this month and loves them. She has a serious issue of finishing eating and then crawling over to Caleb to try to steal his food. She really likes to drink our of our cups and is still working on controlling the flow of water into her mouth from those cups. It usually ends in her gasping after trying to water board herself. She did eat a spider too. Ty found its carcass on the side of her face.

Communication: Isla’s new word this month is “Bruh”. She calls Caleb “bruh-bruh”. I am also working on getting her to bark like a dog. She is signing “milk”  and “eat” and waving for “night night”. She comprehends a lot of new things, which is really exciting. She understands when we tell her things and is pointing at everything under the sun for us to tell her what they are. She also high fives and moves her hands when I sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” trying to mimic the motions. One of the really fun things she is doing is laughing with us. If we laugh really hard she tries to copy us. If Tyler clears his throat, she copies him…and then won’t stop. Some of her new words are: light, mobile, bunny, picture, ruff, night (but it sounds like: ligh, moh, pih, buh, ruh, nigh).

Sleep: Isla still wakes a few times at night. Recently she’s been waking only 1 time but she’s also slept through the entire night too. She still goes to sleep really easily though and we can lay her in her crib drowsy and she will go to sleep. Isla is really good about telling us when she wants to sleep and she wakes up happy 97% of the time–usually jumping and slamming around so we can hear her pounding from any room in the house. Her top left tooth came in May 24th and she has a gross eruption cyst that was bothering her prior to that tooth coming out. Her top right tooth is almost in and it is also really bothering her so she is struggling with that too. She has really attached her to little Care Bear and the blanket I made her so as long as she has those, she basically nurses, then rolls over once I set her in her crib, grabs her blankie and goes to sleep.

Likes/Temperament: Isla is dramatic. We were goping she would be more calm than Caleb. Yeah right. While she isn’t as loud as Caleb, she seems to have no fear at all. She is also pretty sneaky and will do things and then crawl off really quickly when she gets vcaught. She’s recently started to shove Caleb out of the way (she learned this from him) and she likes to slap Ty’s face. She doesn’t like when I try to do her hair and will usually wrestle free. Along with being sneaky, Isla will bite your feet when you aren’t looking. She still rolls around and snuggles everything in sight and has been giving a lot of kisses lately. Separation anxiety is really kicking in and she doesn’t want me to put her down at all so that’s been a struggle. Her favorite books: Hop, Pop, and Play; 5 Little Pumpkins; and Baby Faces/Baby Colors. Her favorite toys are her water table, cup towers, dishes, measuring spoons, and the dishwasher and toilet. She loves ducks and birds and will squawk at them when she sees them. That duck stuffed animal you see below is one of her favorite toys ever. She snuggles that thing every day.






























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