The Diva Cup

If you don’t want to read about periods, menstruation, or blood catchers then you should stop here…

Diva Cup

About four months ago I decided to buy the Diva Cup. It has frighteningly good reviews on Amazon and I swear by reviews when trying new products. I hate tampons and I hate pads even more. Seriously, who uses pads besides first time period girls and post partum moms? I know a few women who swear by fabric pads but no thanks. I don’t want to deal with that. I’ve always favored tampons because I didn’t really know there were options. Tampons are sometimes uncomfortable and I hate that most of them are bleached and I usually have leak issues the first two days of my cycle. Plus, they cost money. Boo.

So, I tried the Diva Cup. My life has changed. I swear by this thing now. Why didn’t I get it sooner? Yeah, there was a total learning curve. The first cycle was a nightmare and I was worried I would never learn to use it correctly. I was wrong. Cycle two was less rough and I started to get the knack of removal and insertion. Since then, I am a pro. I have mastered it and it has made having a period a lot less annoying. (But, it is still annoying.) I definitely couldn’t change the cup in a public restroom with stalls. It’s nice to be able to rinse it every time you empty it and that is sort of difficult to maneuver in a public bathroom. Could you imagine going to wash your hand and seeing a woman holding a little cup of blood? Yeah, yuck.

You really only need change it in the am and the evening (opt for the shower because it is much easier) but for me, I have to change it a few times the first 2 days. Now that I am a pro at using the Diva Cup, I swear to you, I have only ever had a leak on day 1 or 2 when my cycle is really ungodly heavy. That’s it. It has been such a great change. There are a ton of different “folds” to help with insertion because that really is where the challenge is in learning to use the Diva Cup. I have found the basic fold to be the easiest but the internet is full of examples of different folds; one is bound to be the right one for you.

To clean the Diva Cup, I just soak it in Hydrogen Peroxide for an hour and then boil it. That’s it. It’s super easy and cheap! I’m definitely never going back to cotton tampons and I’ve successfully converted four other women. Yee haw!

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