Isla: 10 months

Isla’s Stats:

Isla: 10 months

The girl is full of personality! This month separation anxiety has been pretty bad. Isla’s hyper clingy with me and is suddenly crying when I leave in the mornings again. I know it’s totally normal at this age but if she sees me, she only wants me. One of the cutest things in the world (I’m not even exaggerating) is that Isla snuggles everything. She basically crawls over to a stuffed animal (or dryer ball), puts her butt in the air and lays her face on it and just snuggles. She does it so much. If you ask her to get her baby doll, she will crawl over and snuggle it. Caleb never was into stuffed toys so it’s new to us to see a kid actually show interest in soft toys. Something that amazes Tyler and me is that Isla plays by herself. She can entertain herself for a solid 20 minutes playing in the toy kitchen. We don’t have prior experience with a kid who does this so this is really foreign to us too. She will sometimes just stand at our front window and entertain herself hitting the glass. Isla also drums on every damn surface imaginable. Isla has started playing peek-a-boo on her own where she actually hides her face with blankets. And when she gets really proud of herself, she claps like a maniac. She absolutely adores shoulder rides from Daddy and tries to eat his hair.

Sleep: I don’t know what to say about her sleep. It’s the same. She still wakes 1-4 times at night. She seems to wake more the first 4 hours after she goes down and she has to nurse back to sleep. We treat Isla’s sleep like it is sacred because we have such sleep issues with Caleb. We won’t take her anywhere if it’s too close to nap or bed and because we weren’t that cautious with Caleb’s sleep, I am hopeful this will help in some way. She’s been standing in her crib forever and is usually standing or banging around in her crib when she wakes. Most of the time she wakes at night fussing because she wants to nurse. She’s recently been waking and not going back to sleep which has been pure hell. We don’t do cry it out. I wish we could but it just doesn’t mesh with us. Ask me again in a few months when I am still walking around like a zombie.

Temperament/Likes: Her favorite thing is still bathtime. Actually, anything involving water is her favorite thing. She is obsessed with the water table and seeking out the dog water dishes to splash or pour out. One of Isla’s favorites things is my Sonicare toothbrush. She squeals when I use it and tries to gnaw on it or grab it from me. Isla is pretty dramatic. She will basically topple over and whine. She also purposefully crawls over to Ty’s TV, looks at him, and then starts hitting it. Sometimes she will even shake her head “no” while doing it. She is really getting into the dogs and definitely favors Butters but if she even sees a dog anywhere she starts squealing.

Eating: Isla will eat anything. We’re convinced. She eats kale chips and balsamic portobello mushrooms. Her favorite foods are strawberries, chicken, fish, and scrambled eggs. Isla loves meat and basically yells if it’s not on her tray quick enough but her most favorite food in the world is burritos. It’s impressive. This month Isla got 2 teeth within 2 weeks. The first bottom tooth came in on 4/45 and the second came in on 5/7. Isla nurses most at night and when she does nurse during the day- SHE HAS TO STAND. Just like Caleb did. It sucks so much.

Language/Communication: Isla can sign “all done” and has a modified sign for “milk” and will occasionally sign “eat”. She recently started pointing at things, which is really cute. She tends to point at the dogs more than anything. She can say “mama”, “dada” (which she usually says most), “yeah”, “daw-daw” (which means dogs), “buh buh” (brother for Caleb). Isla still doesn’t cry much at all. She does whine a lot when she wants me or is tired or sleepy but full fledged crying almost never happens. When it does, it is rough. She still sounds like an infant when she cries. It’s not just me either, my sister in law noticed it and said how sad it was. It really is and it causes me to have that new baby response where I feel like I have to absolutely rescue her.

Movement: This last month Isla has basically been cruising everywhere. She pushes everything and uses her music table as a push-walker. She is starting to climb on things and through things to get to things so she’s pretty clever…and sneaky. She does this funny crawl thing where she uses a place mat or a book on the floor and then puts her hand on it and uses it to propel around the house. It’s like a warp speed crawl. Isla can free stand with no hands for quite a while too. We keep waiting for her to take a step but she seems to unsure of it just yet.




































2 thoughts on “Isla: 10 months

  1. Her expressions are the best. She has such personality, and holy cow, she’s so pretty! I already knew that, but geez, that black and white photo…

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