A Day for Mamas

Each year that I’ve been a mom, I’ve spent the day doing “normal” everyday things, only Ty is really awesome about letting me sleep in, making me breakfast, and letting me take a nap. I woke at 7:30 am (which is sleeping in when our kids wake at 5:30am) and we went to Starbucks and went shopping at Costco. We went to the park and had lunch out and spent time gardening. It was a perfect day for me. Caleb was a turd the first half of the day…normal. Isla was good and snotty…teething and sick. All normal events in our house. Ty sent me beautiful flowers and those greet me and I walk in the front door. I like keeping this day low-key. It’s nice.

Our midwives sent out this poem today and it really is perfect for Mother’s Day:

Ordinary Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

I have mourned lost days
When I accomplished nothing of importance.
But not lately.
Lately under the lunar tide
Of a woman’s ocean, I work
My own sea-change:
Turning grains of sand to human eyes.
I daydream after breakfast
While the spirit of egg and toast
Knits together a length of bone
As fine as a wheatstalk.
Later, as I postpone weeding the garden
I will make two hands
That may tend a hundred gardens.

I need ten full moons exactly
For keeping the animal promise.
I offer myself up: unsaintly, but
Transmuted anyway
By the most ordinary miracle.
I am nothing in this world beyond the things one woman does.
But here are eyes that once were pearls.
And here is a second chance where there was none.

I cherish these two. Cherish. They make me happy with the choices I’ve made in my life. I love seeing them learn and grow. I love watching them laugh and discover. I am filled with bittersweet emotions in which I equally want to keep them little and let them soar. My heart beams with love for these two.


download1Happy Mama’s Day to all of the women who long to be mothers, to all of the mamas who have experienced loss and hold their babes in their heart, and to all the mamas who hold their babes by the light of the moon.

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