Isla: 9 months

Isla’s Stats
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 21 lbs 12 oz

Isla: 9 months

It’s not easy getting these monthly pics. It took days. This month Isla moved into her convertible seat. She likes it and it has made things so much more convenient for us. Isla is “talking” a lot and she is most talkative to Daddy. It’s really cute because she basically just babbles at him. She really loves when Ty gives her shoulder rides and she definitely prefers this to other types of holds. Isla really really loves swinging. Her and Caleb are so alike in so many ways and this is just one of them. I think both of these kids could sleep in those swings…which is really crazy because Isla absolutely hated the baby swing! Isla still loves bath time more than anything. She splashes like a maniac and then shoves her face into the water to take a drink. It is frightening. Isla absolutely loves being outside and now that the weather is getting nicer we spend a lot of time outdoors.

Sleep: Isla slept through the night two times in a row. It was CRAZY! Beyond that, her sleep has been pretty much the same. She wakes 1-2 times a night to eat and then goes back to sleep. She is an early riser like Caleb though so she is up every day before 6:30am. She’s also not one of those kids who wakes up with poop in the diaper. If she has to poop- she just wont sleep. She naps SO well for our nanny. So well that I am jealous. She basically passes out as our nanny carries her into her room and sits in the rocking chair. With me- it’s boob in mouth or sleep isn’t happening. If she knows I am home–no one will do. She basically screams at Tyler until she gets the boob.

Temperament/Likes: Isla is so easy going. She is such a happy baby and it’s been so nice learning how she operates. She pretty much only whines when she is tired or hungry. Otherwise, she cries if things are beyond bearable. She’s just really content. She actually plays by herself which is really incredible to us. She started “singing” this month while banging some toys around and it was really sweet. Isla does this really funny thing when she is excited where she basically laugh/grunts and attacks what she wants with her mouth. It use to be Ty’s beard but now she does it to toys, stuffed animals and occasionally our nanny’s son’s face. She also really loves when you play aggressively with her so her favorite thing is when Caleb rolls on her on the floor or jumps at her and rips her socks off. Some of it definitely looks scary but she just giggles the whole time. When Isla can’t get to something she wants she makes this really crazy smooshy duck face and starts grunting and whining. She definitely has the start of a short fuse so that will be fun to watch. It’s the same funny face Caleb made but she is really dramatic about it when it happens.

Eating: Isla pretty much eats anything. Anything. Isla really likes black beans and olives and mushrooms. She also loves pesto with zucchini noodles and Greek yogurt. The only thing she doesn’t seem to be that interested in are bread products. She loves meat and prefers chicken and fish. She’s a great eater and does an awesome job feeding herself with her finger and thumb. Since she is a pro at baby led weaning, we just let her eat pretty much anything that we have. She mastered drinking from a straw when she wanted some of my smoothie so we aren’t seeing any of the same eating/drinking difficulties we saw with Caleb. This month I did notice that Isla has a pretty sever upper lip tie. We’ve never had any issues breastfeeding so we will have her dentist check it out when she is a year.

Movement: Isla is crawling! She crawled for the first time April 4th and we all got to see it so it was really special. She had started by scooting backward a little bit but it didn’t last long. She got a bit of rug burn on her knees and feet from crawling so she has to wear leg warmers and socks at all times. She also does a really funny bear stand randomly. She hasn’t tried bear crawling yet but I think this was her prep to standing. Isla is also learning to roll off the couch on her stomach. She still kind of flops off the couch and we of course help her but she’s almost got it down. The first half of the month Isla couldn’t stand at all and then she pretty much got it down right before she turned 9 months. So that is her next adventure.

Hamartoma: Isla’s hamartoma on her back has definitely gotten furrier in the past 3-4 months. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s grown or because she has grown. It is supposed to keep growing with her so I assume that is what is happening. We have to take her to the Dermatologist when she is a year old just to see what the plan is. Ty and I already know Isla will want something done about it. Of course, nothing until she can ask herself (unless medically necessary). From a distance it just looks like a bruise but it’s much more noticeable now that she isn’t so squished up all the time. The one on her thigh looks exactly the same (no furries).
















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