Postpartum Mama Kit

Postpartum Kit for MamaYou might remember my hellish postpartum after Isla was born. I swear I had every ailment imaginable: Tear? Check. Hemorrhoid? Check. Clotting? Check. UTI? Check. Sore back? Check. Shingles? Check. I had excellent resources thanks to my Midwives and Google and a wide number of doctor visits.

My sister is pregnant (seriously amazing you guys) and at her baby shower I gave her a little kit to take care of her postpartum grievances. Since I had both babies at home vaginally and both tears were so minimal I never needed stitches, I felt like the things I had on hand at home really helped me out and could really help out other mamas. I also thought it would be nice for her to not have to worry about running out and getting this things. Plus, you know, moms think they know everything when it comes to new babies and postpartum bodies, right? Mmm hmm.

Postpartum Mama Kit:

Arnica Dissolvables: I took these after Isla was born for swelling and I think they really helped out. I met a woman at my sister’s baby shower who took this right before pushing and she said the midwives were amazed at how quickly her swelling went down. Did I mention that mama birthed a 12 lb baby vaginally!? Yeah, she trumped my 10 lber. I am in awe of her still.

Arnica Cream: This is wonderful for any sorts of soreness/tenderness. I didn’t have this at the time but I think this really would have helped my seriously sore back. Pushing a baby out is no easy task so anything on hand for aches and pains is a good idea.

Sitz Bath Herbs: By far my favorite item for postpartum. Our midwives made this herb mix for my peri bottle and to this day it is probably one of my favorite smells ever. You basically mix 1 cup of herbs with 2 qts of hot water (not boiling) and then dilute with warm water. We kept a mason jar in my bathroom and refilled as necessary. It is amazing.

Earth Mama Bottom Spray: I never used this but I have heard amazing things. Plus, I am a huge fan of this brand. The balm has good reviews but I was way to tender to every touch my perineum so I cannot imagine other people wanting to, so the spray seems like a good idea. Plus–it just smells nice.

Mother’s Milk Tea: This tea is so good for milk production. I drank it every day after Isla was born for the first month or so. I could actually smell the anise in my breast milk. It also tastes amazing with honey.

Fenugreek: A supplement to boost milk supply. Again, something I didn’t need but I think it’s good to have on hand just in case. 

Witch Hazel: Good for hemorrhoids. Something no one wants to talk about or experience. I still hold firm to the fact that my vagina hurt way less than my hemorrhoid. Thankfully, witch hazel is a godsend in easing that discomfort.

I think there are a few other things you could add based on the mama. I think ibuprofen or chocolate or a silk pillowcase might be wonderful too. Even if you know a mama who will/might have a C-Section, a lot of these things would still really help out!

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