Isla: 8 months

Isla’s Stats

Isla is waving all the time now. Whenever she sees someone- she waves. She is also just starting to clap. It’s insanely cute. She seems to prefer slapping her chest with one arm though. She also has a tooth that’s about to come through so hopefully it’ll cut through within the next month. It’s been pretty painful for her so I hope it gets better soon. She’s starting to dance a little bit too so this whole last month has really been about her learning how to move her body. She is able to understand basic things we say to her and she knows what we are talking about. For example, I can ask her where Daddy is and she will look at Tyler and smile or wave. She knows what stand and sit mean. We’re doing signs with her and her “all done” is pretty bad but she is really trying to get that one down. If I ask her to wave she will. Her hair is also starting to get curls in the back. It’s adorable.

Our nanny has been showing Isla “kisses” so Isla is starting to do some open mouth kisses once in a while. Speaking of our nanny- it’s going really well. Isla LOVES her and her little boy and I feel so comfortable leaving Isla with her. It’s been such a relief. I can kiss Isla and walk out the door and she doesn’t cry anymore. She will kinda whine but she gets over it really fast. Caleb and Isla are doing really well together. Caleb loves taking baths with her and she is so enamored of him. I love watching them together. It is seriously the best thing ever.

Sleep: Isla wakes regularly every night to nurse. She averages 1-2 wake ups though she has had a few nights where she only wakes once or sleeps through. She’s been really easy to put down though and that’s been nice. I can basically nurse her to sleep and then lay her in her crib and she rolls over and passes out. Our nanny is able to just rock her for a few minutes and lay her down so that’s a plus for her! She’s napping twice a day and during the week she gets a good 2-3 hr nap in every morning so she has really settled into being a good sleeper. I am certainly OK with her waking at night because she goes right back down. Since her tooth is starting to erupt she has been waking about 4 times at night. Hopefully it’ll get better.

Temperament/Likes: Isla makes you work for a real laugh. Caleb was like this too. She makes a funny open mouth “annhh” sound when something is funny to her but her full on laughs are hard to come by. You basically have to tickle her repeatedly or have Caleb run into her. He’s honestly the only one who can make her giggle any time. Isla is really really into wash clothes. If you give her a dry wash cloth or one that has been wrung out, she will dunk it right into the water to “fill it up” and then she basically sucks on it until she needs to dunk it again. It’s really funny and it’s definitely one of her things. Isla is still definitely a mama’s girl. My sister said she looks at me like she is in love with me. It’s kinda true. It’s OK though, I’m totally in love with her too.

Eating: Isla really likes food. I mean, she really likes food. She’s loves pesto pasta, spaghetti, squash, zucchini, scrambled eggs, fish (she seriously ate an adult size fillet the other night!), cheerios, bananas, and yogurt. The yogurt is a rough one though because she seems to spit up a lot after she has it so I think her dairy issue is still there. It’s weird though because she seems to be OK with dairy that I consume but she can have it directly. Sucks for her because she devoured yogurt. She still nurses for her main nourishment and that will continue for the first year. We do notice that when she is grumpy after waking and nursing it is usually because she wants solids. Her pincher grip is really well developed now and she can grab most things we give her to eat. We do mostly baby led weaning with Isla and she is adamant that she feed herself. She gets to eat pretty much anything we do and she loves a lot of different flavors.

Movement: Isla is able to pull herself up from the floor to a standing position. The only problem is that her balance is so bad that she falls really quickly…usually to the side which is pretty scary. Speaking of, Isla really has no sense of caution/fear. She lunges for things from a standing position, throws herself forward onto her belly and will turn and reach for us while holding onto things. She can scoot around pretty well on her tummy but she cannot crawl yet. Though, she’s getting closer every day.



















4 thoughts on “Isla: 8 months

  1. Loved the detailed update. I have a 7 month old and I love to read real-life versions of what babies near her age are actually doing/not doing. (as opposed to the generic mommy site lists). Thanks for sharing!

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