Isla: 7 months

Isla’s Stats:
Weight: 19lbs (she’s lost some weight this month due to being sick for so long)

Isla: 7 monthsThis month has been rough. Isla has been sick for a month straight. It seems like when one cold disappeared another would jump right in to fill its place. The past 3 weeks have been especially bad. She’s so congested and vomiting a long. She got a disgusting eye infection where she had green discharge and her eyes would seal shut. Then she had an ear infection at the end of it all so she’s really had it bad. Isla also spent this last month at daycare. Here’s the issue: she wouldn’t eat or sleep there for 3 weeks. Not even a sip from her bottle. It was so stressful. Because of my schedule and how stressed I am in the mornings, we decided to hire a nanny. That way Isla can just stay home and sleep in her crib and not have to adjust to a new place. It’s only been a week with the nanny but so far Isla is doing so much better.

Isla is such a talker. The girl babbles non-stop. She can say “dada” now too and she is trying to say a few other things but nothing really understandable. A big thing that I haven’t update much on is that Isla is great in the car! She’s been great in the car for a few months now and it’s such a relief. The only time she has ever really screamed is when she realized Caleb wasn’t in the car with her. She’s also really starting to hug which is one of the best things ever.

Sleep: Sleep was basically non existent for a month. She woke every 2 hours because she was so snotty and couldn’t breath. She did sleep through the night for the first time ever on February 5th! She slept 12 hours straight! TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT. The next night she only woke 1 time! She has just started rolling onto her belly so I think this may be the solution. She seems to sleep A LOT better and more soundly on her tummy. The other big thing this month is she no longer sleeps in her Magic Sleep Suit (we called it her “fatsuit”). One night when I was up with her because she was vomiting and couldn’t breath she finally passed out sitting up on my lap wrapped in a blanket and I was so tired I just laid her in bed and she actually stayed asleep with the suit, which was a miracle since she never was able to do that before.

Temperament/Likes: Isla really is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. Everyone comments on it. She smiles at every stranger and even when she was miserable she would still try to smile. The only real time Isla cries is if she’s tired or hungry or wants me. She’s really easy to read. Isla is also reaching for me when she wants me, which is really sweet. Her favorite thing ever (besides Caleb) is the bath. When we walk upstairs she starts thrashing in excitement because she knows the bath is coming. Then when we run the bath water she tries to lung off our laps into the tub. She is also taking baths with Caleb which she loves and Caleb loves them just as much since he flips out now if he doesn’t get to take a bath with her. She absolutely loves sucking on washcloths, which is funny since I remember loving that as well. Isla is really into Caleb’s Lego Duplos. I think these might be her favorite toys ever. She also really loves shaking her head “no” at everyone.

Eating: Since Isla was sick she wouldn’t eat any solids. So, it’s been about a month of her not eating anything but breast milk. I kept offering but she just had no desire. She does hate mangoes though. It’s been confirmed. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that Isla doesn’t tolerate dairy. I’ve been off dairy for months and I’ll randomly try milk to see if she does OK but she ends up projectile vomiting  and having horrible gas pains and pooping mucousy green slime. So, it’s still off limits for me. Isla has been really good with a sippy cup for a couple of months now. She loves her cup and mastered it right away (Caleb took forever to master the cup). A couple of days ago she actually ate some mum-mums, sweet potatoes and apple slices. She seems to be a fan of baby led weaning so that’s good news. The only real downfall is that we are noticing she is no where near as into food as Caleb. She is not as adventurous with flavors so I have a feeling she may be the one we have food/eating issues with.

Movement: Isla rolls front to back and back to front now. She seems to enjoy just rolling around the floor. Isla has been trying to lunge while turning toward me when she is sitting and she has just started to try to pull herself up. Lord help us. She isn’t up on all fours and I don’t foresee crawling anytime soon.












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