Orange Slice Nursery (update)

Remember so many months ago when I posted the paint color we chose? Well, we’ve made progress. The walls are all painted AND I finally hung the bead board wallpaper and a lot of art. I just knew the orange would look good once the wallpaper went up. I wasn’t scared of the orange but since it is something so far out of what I would normally pick- I was worried I would regret it. Nope. I love it. Maybe a little too much.





My sister and I made the washi tape art and the “i” art. I painted the little picture about the 2013 snake photo (since Isla’s birth year makes her a snake on the Chinese calendar). I made the bright circle art and Caleb painted the art on the right side of the closet. Tyler and I painted the letters for “ISLA”. Everything in the room is pretty much all handmade.

There are some prints in the room from IKEA that were super cheap and a mirror that I spray painted white that is also not pictured. I don’t have a ton of good pictures of the whole room as I just quickly snapped these. I think once we finish it then I’ll do a full review. There is no theme for the room. It’s just colorful and white. That’s basically it. I never do themes for children’s rooms as they tend to be cheesy. I just pick things I like that I think will grow well.

Still to do:

  • Paint the closet (see how it’s that hideous almond color.
  • Paint the wallpaper white
  • Add trim above wallpaper
  • Add crown molding
  • Add more lighting
  • Create/add more art
  • Hang that giant flower
  • Hang paper art/mobile (the one on the crib is no longer there).

I will post an update of Caleb’s room as well. It’s at about the same point but it looks really good. Hopefully, Isla will love this room for the next five years before we plan on moving. (Yeah, that’s the plan. Crazy huh?)

2 thoughts on “Orange Slice Nursery (update)

  1. I love all your baby/kid photos and Isla’s room looks great. Love the orange. You are planning to move already in five years? Any particular reasons?

    1. We are. Maybe 6 years. Depending on where I get a job we would actually like to move a bit more north. We also were talking about building a house but have since decided that we won’t do that. It seems crazy but our house value has already gone up a lot since we bought it so we think it’ll be a good thing. We want to hopefully move before Caleb is super invested in friendships at certain schools.

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