Isla: 6 months

Isla’s Stats:
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 19lbs 13oz

Isla: six monthsIsla can sit up unassisted and can say mama!!! The sitting has been going on for a few weeks. She only lasts about 5 minutes before toppling over but she can lean forward and grab things and sit herself back up (not from a laying position but from a slouched over position). “Mama” started while we were on vacation in Hawaii. She would get upset whenever anyone would hold her and she would cry and then say: waahhhhh, mmmm- mama! I wonder if she knows it means me; I feel like she can’t possibly connect the two but she does it when she wants me (or food or is tired) so it almost seems like she knows. She’s doing a lot more syllable too; ma, ba, da, th, sa, etc. Isla is straight up in love with Caleb. He could seriously do anything to her and she would smile at him. It’s funny that Isla is showing a lot of the same traits as Big Bro. She makes a similar groaning noise when she’s tired and she is obsessed with tags on things. She is also still very interested in our dogs and she loves grabbing them and watching them roll around.

Isla is grabbing everything in sight and I mean everything. You cant do anything while holding her because whatever you are trying to do will end up in her mouth. She pulls hair and grabs faces. Isla also shakes her head “no” at people. She does this the most Tyler and Caleb and she really thinks it’s funny. I’ve been showing her her image in the mirror and she sometimes shakes her head “no” at that baby too; that baby always seems to do it with her.  This month was Isla’s first plane ride and vacation (Hawaii). She also got to sit in the swing for the first time; she loved it.

Sleep: It’s still really bad. The average for night wakings this last month was 4-8 times each night. Her naps have recently gotten shorter and are only lasting about 30 minutes too, so we are revisiting sleep hell. Yippee. The one positive is that I can usually lay Isla down drowsy or almost asleep and she will settle herself but that does not work at night at all. Thankfully, Ty sometimes goes in to settle her after I feed her.065


Temperament: Isla is such a happy girl. Seriously happy. She’s starting to get that when I leave, I could come back (object permanence) and so that is making things a little rough lately in that she only wants me. She started daycare this month so she is slowly adjusting to her new teacher. She hasn’t been sleeping or eating much there but I am hoping that will get better soon. She did catch a clod the first week at daycare so we are still dealing with that right now and that’s made her pretty clingy and grumpy. Who can blame her?


047Eating: Isla has suddenly become a food fanatic, specifically- sweet potatoes. I made her some sweet potatoes one night and she grabbed the spoon and sucked them down. She does it every single time. She has also tried pears and avocado (she wasn’t a fan) and then I made her a scrambled egg yolk to try some baby led weaning with. I’m OK with doing a mix of purees and baby led weaning. She was actually pretty good at grabbing tiny bits of eggs and shoveling them in. So far she really likes peas too, but not the biggest fan of mango. Want to hear the worst thing about this month and eating? Isla is biting my nipples. It’s as bad as you can imagine. She doesn’t have teeth but that girl chomps down, looks at me, smirks and pulls back. It sucks.043024




Bud and Sissy


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