Hawaii Vacation

083The week before Christmas we went to Hawaii for vacation, specifically, Maui. We’ve only been to Kauai so it was nice to experience a new island. The weather was perfect! Not sweltering at all. It was around 82 degrees the entire time. Shorts weather in December felt really strange though. We came back late on the 23rd of December so we skipped going to anyone’s home for Christmas and just did our own little Christmas here. It was really nice. I think going in early-mid December was a good idea since the two days before Christmas we noticed it was starting to get busy from all of the people coming to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas.068



012Flying on the plane to Maui was great. Both kids were awesome. We bought this little contraption that attaches the car seat to the carry-on so we could actually wheel Caleb around the airport attached to the carry-on. It was such a life saver since we traveled with two car seats. Traveling with two kids and two car seats was pretty stressful so I am A-OK with not doing that much. I also definitely see the benefit in having a layover. That way you can get off the plane and sort of run them around before you hop back on (ours was a direct 5.5 hr flight).066



114It was pretty stressful to be honest. Caleb and Isla both love the water so there were never any issues there. They are both fish…especially Caleb but Isla was also having a blast. She seemed to like the pool the most since she could kind of float in there and kick and splash without me being fearful of waves sweeping her out to sea. The ocean sounds really soothed her though. Every time I was at the beach with her she would make the same sleep sounds that Caleb use to make and then pass out. She loved the waves crashing.






107Caleb struggled a bit with the two hour time change but there were a few days when he was so exhausted he actually asked to take a nap. Crazy. Caleb also had a few fun times when he threw up after swimming in the pool. He swallowed too much pool water because he would basically shove his head under the water and then laugh and talk with the water sloshing in his mouth and would vomit right after swimming (and once in the middle of the night too). It was interesting and gross. We went with Ty’s family so it was nice to have people to do things with and Caleb really loved playing with everyone.









070We ate some pretty good food. Definitely loved the sushi and the food truck and the little hole in the wall restaurants. The shaved ice was amazing too. I was wondering what all the fuss was about but after tasting it– I was sold. It IS amazing. After we came back from Lahaina we saw a rainbow. We actually saw many rainbows. We went to the aquarium one day and Caleb loved it. I liked hearing that they release all of the fish back into the ocean which was really cool but it wasn’t something I would do again. We have a pretty cool aquarium in Seattle so I didn’t feel like the one in Maui was a must do. This fish was so gross. It was definitely worth seeing.

085 087

098A couple of the mornings we took the kids to the playground early in the am where we met some really nice people. It was on a surfing beach so while Caleb played I walked around with Isla and watched the surfers and listened to the waves. I was in awe of a mother teaching her young boy, maybe 5, to surf. I was just standing there watching. It was really cool. It was Isla’s first time in a swing and she loved it.





The flight home was rougher on the kids than the flight there. Isla only slept about 30 minutes and there was a screaming kid that kept her awake so it was interesting being the people with kids who were also annoyed by kids (ours were really quiet surprisingly). We also had in issue where Caleb was asleep and then woke on the plane as we were landing and he really had to pee (of course). So he ended up peeing into the barf bag.












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