Isla: 5 months

Isla’s Stats:
Weight: 19lbs

Isla: five monthsIsla is getting so big! She is really into her feet and has been shoving everything in her mouth. She attacks her toys with her mouth– and Tyler’s beard, and my face and stuffed animals. She loves Butter so much and grabs her ears whenever Butters licks her. Isla got her first bad cold this month. She also went swimming for the first time. We went to Great Wolf Lodge and Isla did so well in the little pool kicking like crazy. Isla has tried bananas and apples and she really LOVES apples. I give her the spoon and she shoves it in her mouth. Isla has also been saying syllables and testing out new sounds but her big thing this month was growling. A lot. It was frightening how loud she could get. She still screeches a lot and it’s loud but she’s definitely working on her voice. Isla still hasn’t rolled over but she sits really well on her own. She can last a minute or two before toppling over but she really loves sitting up and knocking over blocks.

Sleep: Where to begin? It’s bad. Really bad. The first half of the month she was only waking 2-3 times and then she got sick and then BAM, she wakes every single hour. EVERY SINGLE HOUR. We took her to the doctor to make sure she didn’t have an ear infection but she was in perfect health so we still don’t know why she is waking so much. During each of her night wakings she settles really quickly but she wants to be held or nursed back to sleep. We started putting her in the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and that has been great. She transitioned into the sleep suit well and we definitely recommend it for anyone trying to work their baby out of the swaddle. Her naps have been pretty poor lately too. I just really hope this last week and a half of bad sleep will improve once she is completely over her cold.

Temperament: She’s a really happy and laid back baby. We do notice that she doesn’t like a lot of people and when people get right in her face she tends to scream. She is very attached to me but is comfortable with a few other people holding her– but that’s about it. I think she will be a lot more calm than Caleb but then again, who knows. When we are at home she is basically smiling all the time. She only seems to fuss when she is tired or hungry. She thinks Caleb is hilarious and watches him in awe.

Likes: She really likes sitting in her high chair and playing with her toys. She also likes her Jumperoo (finally). She has gotten SO MUCH BETTER in the car and can actually tolerate it for a quite a while now. The trick, we’ve learned, in to put her in the car right before her nap so she will pass out. She has a couple of toys she really loves; her little Care Bear and blocks. She is still totally enamored with Caleb and she loves when he kisses her. She loves when Tyler tickles her and she tries to eat his beard. It’s really sweet.














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