Isla: 4 months

Isla’s Stats:
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 17lbs 2 oz

fourIsla has fully discovered her feet; she is really excited about it. Isla is changing so much. She’s such a little ham and is so much fun to be around. She is super smiley and loves watching the dogs and Caleb and football. Isla has started grabbing our hands to shove into her mouth and she’s getting really close to rolling over. Her favorite toy is a Taggie Elephant. Isla is very “talkative” and squawks and coos and shrieks at us. She loves looking at videos of herself and responds to what she sees. Isla is trying desperately hard to sit up and wants to be in a sitting position on our laps so she can watch everything around her. Her head control is awesome and she’s really close to rolling. She rolls onto her side but that’s about it. Probably soon though.

photo 1


photo 5(you can see her dimple in the pic above)

Sleep: Isla has been going to bed between 6-7pm and waking around 5-7am. She usually wakes 2-3 times (around 9pm, 1am, and 5am) to eat but goes right back to bed. She’s had a couple of “off” nights where she woke more but she does well and right before she hit the 4 month mark she had really bad sleep and was waking ever 1.5 hours (the 4 month sleep regression is a killer). Hopefully I can report better news in the next update. Besides that though, the best thing she does is she settles herself! CRAZY! Caleb could never ever do that (he still can’t). So when I started placing her in her crib almost asleep I was ready to have to pick her up and soothe her but she just goes to sleep! (There’s even been a few times where we set her in bed awake and she goes to sleep! What the hell!) If she’s really sleepy I can actually watch her until her eyes shut. She is still favoring the swaddle and her doctor said as long as it helps her sleep to keep doing it. We’ve tried without the swaddle and she startles herself awake so it’s a no go. She really loves her crib and actually sleeps there better than anywhere else. I had some guilt about her in her crib so early because we like to co-sleep but she really does sleep better in her own room so I am getting over it. This is something I have hoped we could do and I am so happy it’s working. I basically followed Harvey Karp’s (he wrote The Happiest Baby books)recommendation to set them in asleep, startle them a bit, and they learn to settle themselves. This makes it so that even if they need to nurse to sleep or want to be rocked- you can. It just works really well with our parenting/sleep 2


photo 2

Temperament: Isla is such a happy baby. We talk about it all the time. She is such a smiley girl and is only really upset when tired or hungry or when she wants me. I have only seen her cry hard two times in the last month (I know moms tend to get the best behaviors) but she does get grumpy with Ty and our friend Sarah (who watches her) periodically so I know it happens. I just love that she wakes up smiling. When I change her diaper in the middle of the night she squawks and stares at me with the biggest smile– it’s insanely cute. She’s doing so much better in her car seat too. She still cries in it if she’s tired but she will usually pass out for a few minutes. She’s just so smiley and happy and I love it so much.

photo 5(1)

photo 1Likes: Isla is especially fond of Caleb. Seriously, she loves him so much. She smiles at him every time she sees him (even when he is screaming or getting in trouble she just sits there smiling). Isla is such a big fan of whispering. It’s pretty weird but she thinks it is hilarious when we whisper to her. She likes all of the weird noises we make at her and loves watching the dogs. She loves Tyler’s beard and attacks it with her mouth like a dog attacking a toy. She also still loves her baths. We bathe her every night no matter what as it tends to soothe her and get her ready for bed.






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