Caleb Says…

(Watching a squirrel run up a tree and then jump to another tree)
Caleb: Where’s the squirrel?
Me: Look! Right there!!! It jumped!
Caleb: Oh jeez! It tricked me!!!

Me: Hmm, I think the remote control isn’t working.
Caleb: Let me see it. I probably can fix it.

(Playing with Isla’s activity mat)
Caleb: Oh no, I broke it. And now I have to pay for it…photo 4(2)(Giving Butters his sandwich crust)
Caleb: Here’s my swimmich. Don’t choke Bubby.

(Pointing at Isla)
Caleb: That’s my girlfriend.

(In Lowes looking at paint supplies)
Caleb: Hey mama, we gotta get out of here.

Caleb: No, Chloe! No! Don’t that’s Butters’ toy! Well, now you get a spanking!photo 1a(Playing Minecraft)
Caleb: Ohh, I gonna get the gentlemen with my axe.

(Playing on his toy phone)
Caleb: Hello. Hello! Can you bring two pizzas!? OK, thanks bye!

Caleb: Hey mama, pinch my booty!

Caleb: I gotta kiss your owie.
Me: It’s a zit, Caleb.
Caleb: Oh, I gotta kiss your zit then.bCaleb: I drink your milk all gone. Did it go down the drain?
Me: No, it went from your mouth into your throat into your belly.
Caleb: Not into a drain!?!?

(Laying on the floor)
Caleb: Oh no, now I’m in the fire! Help!

Caleb: Daddy needs to go to work and get cash so we can play spider video games. He have to get cash.

(Handing me Legos to “eat”)
Caleb: Here’s your turtle ice cream and paghetti and goldfish.
(Handing me his hammer)
Caleb: Now you can have your lollipop!

(Talking to the Creepers on Minecraft)
Caleb: Hey, Gentlemen, you have a mommy?2Me: Did you wear your new raincoat today?
Caleb: My jacket is too hard!
Me: Did your teachers help you put it on?
Caleb: NO! I have to do it myself. I have to be a big kid.

Caleb: Now I’m gonna cry. I need to calm down.

Caleb: I want to ride a bicycle to the ocean and say “trick or treat”!

Me: Caleb, do you need to go poop or pee?
Caleb: I need to poop; you can leave!

Me: Caleb, I got you chocolate milk. Drink it or I will.
(As I take a drink he starts crying)
Caleb: OH NO! My milk is in your tummy now!

Caleb: Noo. Baby Iwah crying! She’s being obnoxious.

Caleb: I want to go to the Dentist again.
Me: Was it fun?
Caleb: No!

Caleb: I like Iwah. Iwah my best friend.

(After picking Caleb up from school)
Caleb: Hey mama, I didn’t hit any kids today!

Caleb: What’s that? Is that a rubberband? Is it a toy? Hey, mama, touch it. It’s a rubberband. I love rubberbands!

(Climbing into our bed in the middle of the night)
Caleb: Gimme some room mama, geez.

Caleb: I love squash. It tastes like candy.
Me: What does candy taste like?
Caleb: It tastes like cake!

Caleb: Baby Iwah needs to go back in the tunnel in your bagina.

photo 5(2)


2 thoughts on “Caleb Says…

  1. I can finally comment again. My phone hates me, and I have not been on my lousy old desktop in ages, so I finally decided to give it a try. I’ve been keeping up with you all, and have to say these posts are my favorite. I love the random things kids say. I laughed out loud when I read, “Hey mama, I didn’t hit any kids today!” I used to hear that all the time. Things have gotten better at Leon’s new school, (thank you Jesus!), but I still hear how he has “rough hands” some days. Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

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