Isla: 3 months

Isla’s Stats:


Isla is big. Duh. She’s huge and wears 6-9 months clothing right now. She got her first cold this month but she did pretty well throughout (thanks to the Nose Frida). She went through a fun growth spurt and only wanted me. I couldn’t put her in the Ergo at all, I basically just held her everywhere we went. Everywhere. Her legs are really long and her hair is growing a lot. She is such a sweetheart and is such a happy baby…with me. She is definitely a mama’s girl and if someone is holding her and she hears my voice or sees me she turns on the drama and pouts and then cries. She sucks on her fingers all the time and is really interested in her activity mat and the animals that hang from it.

Sleep: Isla has been only waking 1-2 times each night! She’s had a few bad nights where she wakes 3-5 times but that’s usually during a growth spurt. We usually put her to bed around 7-8pm after her bath and she wakes for a little feed and then is usually really hungry around 1-2 and 4-5 and then goes back down for about two hours. One night I even had a 7.5 hr stretch! I started putting her in her crib at night since Caleb got sick and she is doing really well! During her 12th week things were bad though, not as bad as 6 weeks though, yowch. She is still into the swaddle and has to be wrapped to sleep. She does bust out and sucks on her fingers but she still startles herself too mush to stay asleep unswaddled. Ty actually got her to sleep once in her Rock N Play without being swaddled but it was short lived. 084

Temperament: Really cooing and makes tons of sounds. She yells a lot and is a talker. She laughed at the dogs when they were playing and laughs when I make funny sounds. Starting to be really interested in her feet. Grabbing knees. Sitting in Bumbo. Really loves her baths. I went back to work this month so Isla has been at our friend’s house and she really loves both of their girls. She seems to enjoy just watching the older kids. When Isla isn’t smiling, she is scowling. That’s it. There’s no real middle ground with her. You can’t make her smile (we learned that during our family pics) so we just go with it. Looks like she will be like her mama with the BRF!

2225-103Likes/Dislikes: Loves the book Five Little Pumpkins, the songs Down By the Bay, and Twinkle Twinkle and loves when we play airplane or make her jump. She really ikes the dogs and opens her mouth for Butters to lick it (just like Caleb did) since she is now use to Butters licking her face all the time. She still hates the car but has gotten a little better and will tolerate it for a bit. She is a lover of baths and really likes splashing and kicking around. She absolutely loves Caleb and watching him, however, when he gets in her face right after she wakes up–she gets pissed.






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