John Frieda Blow Out

Did you think I meant the diaper kind? Surprisingly, no. I went back to work a few weeks ago and I bought John Frieda Blow Out and all I can say is uh-mazing! Truthfully, I’ve only done the blow-out twice because of time (I am getting an infant and a preschooler [and myself] ready in the a.m. solo style) but it is totally worth the money.

John Frieda Blow Out

Here is the first time I used the product.   12

And the second time. I definitely noticed it was easier the second time.


Go buy this product right now. There is nothing in my hair besides the product. I just used a round brush and gave myself a blow out. No curling iron or straighteners involved.

4 thoughts on “John Frieda Blow Out

  1. I love their shampoo and conditioner, too (the green ones) – finally a product that doesn’t make my scalp itchy, allows me to wash my hair once in three days, makes it easy to brush (and I have thick, long hair) – and really nourishes!

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