Caleb is 3!

Caleb’s Stats:
Height: He was 38 inches a few months ago.
Weight: 37 lbs

Caleb is 3

Caleb turned 3 on September 30. Crazy how time flies. We had family and a few friends over but we kept it pretty basic. Caleb also started Preschool this year. What’s bananas to me is that he hasn’t cried once at drop-off. In fact, I end up asking for a hug as he runs off. I guess it’s begun. That whole “my friends are cooler than my mom” thing. It’s really bittersweet but it makes us happy he’s so happy at school. He went from crying every morning last quarter to running off right when we get there. We’re really lucky with Caleb and that he is not a picky eater at all. He will pretty much try anything once. He loves seaweed and salad and vegetables and really really hates hotdogs. He things all sweet things taste like candy and cake though.

Potty Training: Caleb is fully potty trained too. He sometimes will pee in his Pull-Up at night and still has accidents when he’s really busy (and we sometimes have to take him to the bathroom during busy times because he’d rather play than pee) but we’re really pleased. I’d say summer was when it became a concrete concept to him to pay attention to his body. We never worried about poop because he never pooped his pants- he demanded the toilet.

Happy 3!

Sleep: Caleb still sucks at sleeping. He sleeps in a Twin bed now and seems to like it…but he still doesn’t sleep in his bed much. He quit napping too, which has been really interesting. He quit right after Isla was born. So now, because he is so tired, he goes to bed at 6pm. He still wakes in the night and comes to our room. Ty holds down bed duty but when he’s really tired he doesn’t take Caleb back to bed so he sleeps in our room. This has been a problem recently since Caleb likes to wake anywhere from 5-6:30 and he runs around screaming or yelling and wakes Isla up (this is part of the reason why we had to start putting Isla in her crib in her room–she wants to sleep until at least 7am). Since Isla was born our remedy was to bring the iPad in our room so he could play that alone while we slept. It works pretty well in entertaining him for about 20 minutes but then he runs in our room saying he needs to pee and wants help, or an app wont work, or he’s just pissy because he’s up too early and nothing on the iPad is making him happy.

Overall, Caleb is so much fun to be around. He makes us laugh so much and he’s such an awesome big brother. I’m really happy we spaced the kids out ~3 yrs because he “gets” things when it comes to Isla. He gives her kisses and wants to hold her but he goes straight diva when she starts crying.

K&CI did a little interview with him and it was fun getting his answers:

1. What is your favorite color? Black
2. What is your favorite animal? Ummm, giraffe is my favorite animal.
3. What is your favorite toy? My leaf blower.
4. What is your favorite song? Run Away. (this is a song by Barenaked Ladies Caleb heard on my sister’s iPhone. It’s not a great song but Caleb has made it one of my favorites just because he sings it so much. You can hear it here)
5. What do you want to be when you grow up? Older.
6. What kind of job do you want to have? I want to be a teacher.
7. What is your favorite food? Peanut jelly swimmach.


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