Isla: 2 months

Isla’s Stats:
Height: 26 inches
Weight: 14lbs 4 oz
Isla is in the 100% for height. Her doctor was shocked she is so long. She is wearing 6 months clothing, so I guess that makes sense now.

twoIsla is holding her head up like crazy! She hates tummy time but since she screams if you set her down- she gets lots of practice holding her head up while I parade around the house with her all day or lay her on my chest. When she is on her activity mat she loves when I put the different textured animals in her hand or mouth. The felt monkey and cellophane winged bird are her faves. She loves going on walks in the Ergo and it is the only carrier she likes now (hates the Moby and Solly). She’s tracking objects really well now too and following us with her eyes when we move. She’s also hitting things on her activity mat, but they aren’t deliberate swipes. She loves when I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and makes the cheesiest smile. She still prefers me most and I am the only person who can calm her down. She is really interested in her hands and LOVES when we nibble on her toes.  She’s gotten so good at getting her hand into her mouth in one motion. She is also pulling up into a sitting position! If she is leaning back on my legs she pushes forward and I can pull her up. She is smiling like crazy too and loves raspberries (the noise, not the fruit) just like Caleb did. She is starting to blow bubbles and I can tell she is about to laugh any day as she does this funny sound like a chuckle when I make certain noises.

7(Check out her long legs)

Head/Birthmark: Her flat head/bulging forehead is a lot better. I am really vigilant about repositioning her so it has improved a ton. Also, since she is held/worn so much her neck in really strong so she can move her head a lot when she sleeps and doesn’t seem to prefer that one side anymore than the other. We spoke to her Ped about it and she doesn’t think we’ll need a helmet or anything so I am happy there! The mark on her back looks the same so that’s a relief but I did notice a tiny mark on her thigh near her butt that I just thought was from her diaper but it’s another soft tissue area like the one on her back.

Sleep: She’s still sleeping really well at night. She wakes every 2-3 hours to eat and then falls asleep after I burp her. She is really loud at night so I started putting her in the bassinet next to my bed rather than right next to me because the grunting drives me nuts. During the day she struggles to stay asleep longer than 30 minutes. She sleeps really well in our noisy house but Caleb is so loud and makes so much noise that he wakes her a lot so we are planning on moving her up into her room for naps soon.8

Temperament: She is such a moody baby. She has two moods: happy and screaming. She is so smiley! She smiles way more than Caleb did and is always happy when she wakes up. She’s really feisty and is definitely a lot fussier than I remember Caleb being though and she cries a lot more. Week 6 was hell. Between 6-9pm she was really pissed. It was rough to console her (colic? purple crying? who knows). She wouldn’t take my breast unless she was calm. Evenings are her worst time and she only wants me. She still hates a pacifier and wont take it. Here’s where we struggle the most: she HATES the car. The second the car moves it’s blood curdling screams. Aren’t babies supposed to love the car!?!? It’s torture. There is nothing that makes her like it. I even sandwich myself between her and Caleb to try to calm her but she still screams. I’ve moved the mirror, hung toys for her to see, tried shoving my finger or a pacifier in her mouth, played white noise, tried a bigger car seat…nothing works. She also still hates the stroller. It’s a lot of fun.


Caleb: He’s adjusting really well. Though, when she cries he gets really pissed. He usually yells “NO BABY IWAH!”, “Mommy, you have to feed her!!!” or “Iwah, I in this room! Leave! Nooooo!” and runs off crying (which is hilarious). When she cries in the car he cries. It sucks for him so we gotta get him some headphones asap. Otherwise, he does try to cover her mouth when she cries but for the most part he still loves her and loves laying with her on her activity mat. He does try to lift her sometimes when he is being sneaky which is really frightening.

Caleb and Isla






2*I post tons of pics on Instagram so you can follow there for more: my username is Yennafah.
**(You can read about Caleb at 2 months here.)

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