The Fair ’13

fair5This year we decided to take both kids to The Washington State Fair. It was insane. First of all, Isla hates the car and stroller so I spent the time wearing her in 80 degree weather. It was a sweaty mess. It was Caleb’s second time going but his first time enjoying the rides. We had a blast. We walked about 4 miles (Ty probably did 8 miles with Caleb), ate elephant ears, fruity popcorn, rode on the rides, played games and watched a kid’s costume show (OK, I watched it twice because that was the only place to sit in the shade and nurse).

We’re going to start going every year. Ty is such an amazing father but seeing him at the fair with Caleb was so sweet. He had so much fun running around with him and going on rides. He was smiling the entire time and Caleb had so much fun!









fair9We could rarely get Caleb to look in the camera because he was so enamored with the rides and the goings on. On the rides, he wouldn’t smile (he never smiles when he is doing stuff because he is all business). It was so much fun to take our family out and parade about. Definitely want to go at night next time!

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