Making Waves

ImageThis summer I have rarely worn makeup and I barely ever do my hair. I’ve been cursed with the mom-gear of ponytail and yoga pants! Hey, you try chasing a preschooler and caring for a newborn who refuses to be set down! (Oh yes! Caleb goes back to school soon and we are beyond excited). No one ever believes me when I tell them my hair is naturally curly but it is! I even had ringlets growing up!

I finally found the trick to liking my curls: I take a shower before bed and go to sleep. Something about sleeping on it means my curls aren’t frizzy (which is why I rarely wear it curly) and they look good right when I wake up! I don’t use any product at all.

I’m actually debating a big chop- so we’ll see if I do it or not.

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 32! Ty got us tickets to go see MC Hammer! I knew you’d be jealous…

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