Isla: 1 Month

Isla’s Stats:
Weight: She was 11lbs 4 oz at 4 weeks.

one(Just an FYI for those of you who haven’t had it beaten into your head: Isla is pronounced “eye-lah”, like “island” without the “nd”)

Isla is growing so fast and I cannot believe a month has gone by already! It is a weird feeling because it feels like she’s been here so long but also seems like she was just born. She’s such a sweet member of the family and we couldn’t picture our life without her. She’s no where near as chubby as Caleb was (probably because she is a lot longer) but looking back it is funny that Caleb weighed the same as Isla at 1 month and she was nearly 2 lbs more than him at birth! He had thighs for days. FOR DAYS. She seems to have tiny feet to me but it could just be because Caleb had mammoth feet…

Milestones: Isla is holding her head up a lot. In fact, she was lifting her head off our chests when she was 2 days old! She is also smiling at us. She smiled so big at 2 weeks when Caleb got right in her face. Her Pediatrician said most babies don’t social smile until about 5 weeks (Caleb was right about that point) but Isla is so big she said it seems like she will probably do a lot of things early. Cue my nightmare of chasing two crazy Maclins! She really does seem to respond to Caleb though. The day after she was born when Caleb came into the room, she heard his voice and was looking all over the room.



019 Isla loves being held on our chests and prefers this to most other positions. She also really loves being worn. (She hates the stroller and car seat) so the Ergo and the Solly wrap are my best friends. She seems to hate the car seat more and more each day so this should be fun. If she’s already asleep when I put her in- she’s fine– until she wakes up. She does really like laying on our bed with her arms stretched out above her head but otherwise- we swaddle her. I did notice around 2.5 weeks that she was getting really fussy and I knew she was tired so when this happens we just have to swaddle her tight and wait for her to pass out. Otherwise, during the day when she is tired- she screams. Her doc referred to her as “mellow” but she definitely has strong preferences already. Isla sleeps through most of Caleb’s noises…and there is a lot of it! If our house gets too quiet she wakes up. Isla loves being outside. I just lay her on a blanket and she stares at the maple tree and the sky. It really soothes her to be outside and she is really alert outdoors. Sometimes I carry her out on the deck and sit in the sun and nurse her. She loves the sun so much. She is really interested in sucking on her fist and will only use a pacifier if we hold it for her. Shes not a big fan. Isla really hates having poop in her diaper and being wet. This is a stark contrast from Caleb who would have sat in a poop diaper for hours without complaining.


001Isla has an interesting mark on her back that was there when she was born. It’s a little darker than her skin color and a bit shiny and furry (not hairy like you might be imagining). The doctors think it is a small mass of soft tissue cells that will grow with her. We just have to watch it and will decide if she needs to see a dermatologist if it changes. She also has a bulge in her forehead and only likes to lay on her right side. You can’t see the bulge head on but you can when you look at it from certain angles. I was really vigilant in reading about this and it’s called Plagiocephaly (flat head) and a lot of babies get it but Isla’s is from her position in the womb…and that she came out with her hand by her face (that side is the side that was bruised and she won’t sleep on it). Her pediatrician said it should rectify itself but I am hyper anal and vain and have been repositioning her and making her sleep on her left side in hopes that she won’t need a helmet in a few months. There has been a marked improvement in just a few days so I feel good about it. (I have photos of both to keep track of improvement/changes so I’ll be sharing those).

079How’s big brother doing? Well! He loves her so much and kisses her a lot. He asks to hold her in the morning and throws a fit if I don’t bring her in the room when he goes to bed. He wants to know what she is doing at all times. He did try to “burp” her one day and basically beat her back but thankfully she slept through it. Our big concern with him is that he thinks he can pick her up. He walks right up to her and tries to lift her just like he sees us do. So far, he hasn’t had the traditional “I hate that baby” phase and I think it may be because we let him help with everything. He puts his hand on my boob because he thinks he is helping feed Isla. We let him see her poops because he thinks they are amazing. He gets us diapers and if she cries he makes sure we know she’s crying. Caleb also tends to pat her head a little too rough but it’s really sweet when he calls her his “sweet boy” and asks her for kisses. He has been acting out a lot and fighting Ty and I, but we’re dealing with that part and happy he seems to love his sister. So far, so good.

2223-054During the daytime I can barely ever set Isla down. She wants to be held all of the time. That’s totally OK though because…

…I’m hesitant to type this next part because I am really scared of jinxing everything but Isla has been sleeping really really well at night. Like, creepily well. Caleb did the same thing and then at 3-4 months his sleeping went to hell so I worry the same will happen with Isla. In fact, I barely tell anyone how well she sleeps at night because I feel like if I say it- it’ll ruin everything. She only wakes to eat and she has never cried beyond a little whimper at night. That doesn’t mean she is quiet though; she spends most of the night grunting (growling?) like a maniac. She sleeps right next to me in our bed swaddled and I can hear her all night and she makes a special grunt which is a signal she wants my boob. I love side-lying nursing because I basically can just lay there and she passes out right away. I am so scared of Isla being a bad sleeper that I have started a routine already. Once we go upstairs to our bed I won’t talk to her or stimulate her. I kiss her when I burp her and sing her Twinkle Twinkle but then I swaddle her and rock her to sleep. Our room is dark and I won’t even turn the lights on for a diaper change. So far, it seems to be working but again, I probably just ruined the whole damn thing.1*I post tons of pics on Instagram so you can follow there for more: my username is Yennafah.
**(You can read about Caleb at 1 month here.)

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