Pregnancy Two – Part IV

Click the following links to read about weeks 3-12, weeks 13-20, and weeks 21-30.

31 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: I’m still not the biggest fan of meat but lately I’ve wanted burgers and steaks so that’s new. Otherwise, I still crave fruits and cereals.

  • This baby is rolling around like crazy! She is also hiccuping a lot again. She had a week or so where she wasn’t moving a whole lot but now she’s up to her old tricks. Mainly at night…
  • I’ve been having Braxton Hicks for sure. The tightening feels so weird and strange and sometimes it really hurts. I notice it most when I do strenuous activity or push myself too hard.
  • Also having shooting pains in my cervix here and there.
  • My belly button is out now. It never fully popped with Caleb but it’s totally visible through my shirts now. Eww.
  • Still wearing my rings! Whoo hoo!

32 weeks:

  • Heartburn is really starting to kick in. Yilk. I wonder if this baby will have as much hair as Caleb did. I dreamed she had a ton of dark hair, so we’ll see.
  • My pelvis is on FIYAH. I went to a concert with my sister and walked up and down a ton of stairs and my SPD has been acting up every since.
  • I am huge now. I swear my belly got bigger in 1.5 weeks. My sister saw me two weeks ago and then saw me and said “wow, your belly got big!” and now strangers are holding doors open for me. Even at the store the cashier asked if I needed help out to my car. It’s like I am a walking freak show.
  • This week is the first time she has gone crazy in my belly though. She rolls around so much and it feels like she is trying to bust out of my belly. Caleb always gave me painful kicks and punches but this little girl just rolls around and around. It feels so weird and it definitely stops me in my tracks.
  • Our box of birthing supplies arrived this week! Eek, we’re getting closer!

33 weeks:

Cravings/Aversions: Still craving fruit.

  • This heartburn sucks. It doesn’t even give me a warning- it just goes straight to torture.
  • I felt rib kicks for the first time on the day I hit 33 weeks. I was laying in bed and felt them on my left side. Her foot must have been up high. It wasn’t painful but just felt really strange.
  • My left hip is killing me. The really bad hip pain kicked in right around this time with Caleb so I was expecting this. It’s really painful and next to impossible for me to sleep on my left side.
  • The baby dropped this week. Noticeable. Everyone is saying things to me now. I have a lot more room in my upper abdomen but there is a ton of pressure in my pelvis and I constantly feel like I have to pee.
  • We had a check-up with our midwife this week and baby is measuring right on track. Now is the push to get everything we need for the birth.

34 weeks:

  • Heartburn is really really bad. I am hoping it won’t last the next 6 weeks.
  • Baby is moving a lot and seems to roll around all of the time.
  • Pelvic pressure is still really bad and I find that if I’m not peeing all the time- I feel like I need to pee all the time.
  • I don’t get a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions; maybe 1 each day. (I never had BH with Caleb. In fact, I never felt a contraction until labor began.)
  • I’m starting to get nervous about labor and delivery. The idea of birth scares me a little. I struggled so much with the urge to push- I soldiered through everything else- so I am naturally scared of pushing this time around.
  • I just started to get lower back pain. It’s been pretty bad, especially after doing a lot of yard work or walking for long periods of time.

35 weeks:

  • We had a home visit with our midwife and the baby is measuring a week or two ahead. (That’s using the tape so measurements are always off a little). We are all convinced she will be coming early.
  • I am having a lot of pelvic pressure and my perineum has been sort of sore. No idea what that means but I am sure it has to do with the fact that the baby is so low in my pelvis that everything is sore.
  • I am really tired. Like all of the time tired.
  • I am also really tired of people asking me questions or making comments that the baby is coming anytime. No shit.
  • Here’s one for the weak-stomached: lots of creamy discharge.
  • Sex finally feels better since the baby dropped. You know you have to get em out the same way you got em in, right?
  • Ty and I are full-on nesting. He is painting everything and I am washing all of the clothing and blankets and supplies for delivery. Her room is about 25% done. We still need to do another coat of paint, paint the trim, hang wallpaper, and then pictures. Oh…and we still need to put together her crib (though she will sleep with us for quite some time).

36 weeks:

  • I’m starting to get a bit of insomnia at night where I’ll wake up around 3 and stay awake until 5.
  • We are really hustling to get things together for the baby. It seems like we aren’t ready at all for a newborn. We still need to finish her room and get all of the things we will need for her washed (car seat stuff, swing, play yard, etc).
  • Peeing in the middle of the night is really painful. If my bladder gets even a little full my stomach hurts a lot. So, when I wake up to pee- I notice it hurts to move and then once I pee I feel a lot better.
  • I stopped working this week. I’m happy about it. It’ll be good getting back into stay at home mom mode for the summer. Caleb is such a handful and I am hopeful this will be a good time to figure out a set schedule for him while he is home with me. The kid needs school and other kids but we aren’t paying for that since I don’t have money coming in. I’m really nervous about his transition to being a brother but also really hopeful it goes well.
  • My stomach has been funky for a few days. I feel constipated in the morning and then I have loose stools in the evening. I feel like this may be my body preparing.
  • I started to get some back cramps and period type cramps the day before 37 weeks. Lovely.
  • My belly is measuring 39 weeks and I can tell my body is gearing up. We also had an ultrasound to make sure she isn’t breech. She is head down and ready to go!

37 weeks:

  • I’m peeing so much at night it is torture. I long for the days when I can sleep on my stomach and not have horrid hip/pelvic pain all night long.
  • I just noticed my breasts are leaking colostrum (if I squeeze my nipple clear fluid comes out). I had noticed some flaky skin on my nipples before my shower so I knew they were barely leaking but nothing that requires a nursing pad or anything.
  • I’ve been really exhausted in the mornings. We’re talking unbelievably exhausted. For the first time ever I fell asleep sitting next to Caleb. Thankfully, he’s not one of those kids who lets me sleep so after he realized I was asleep he woke me up. I feel so much better in the afternoon- it’s just like I need a nap really early in the day.
  • I’m still wearing one of  my rings! Shocking. My wedding band came off at the end of this week. Other than that, no real swelling. My feet feel really tight in the evenings and my ankles get a bit puffy around bed time but that’s about it.
  • I’m feeling a lot of pressure in my vagina and rectum. That’s fun!
  • I’ve also been feeling more back cramps and period like cramps.
  • I’ve been unbelievably exhausted in the mornings. Usually around 8am I am beyond tired (Caleb wakes from 5-6am so we have early mornings). I feel like I can’t do anything and all I want to do is sleep. Usually I feel better after I nap or go outside but it really knocks me out. I assume being really pregnant and partying with a toddler is the cause.
  • Caleb has been sick this whole week with the flu; I really hope I don’t get it.
  • I had an appt with our midwife this week and was Group B Strep negative. Whoo hoo. I credit probiotics because I did the same exact routine with Caleb. Our midwives stress probiotics (and natural apple cider vinegar).

38 weeks:

  • At 38 weeks on the day I got severe back cramps and a bit of nausea. I really hope this leads to something but I also hope to not have back labor this time! That was hell.
  • Butters is acting really really weird. She is laying right under my legs all day long and howls when I put her outside. She is my first baby so I wouldn’t be shocked if she knew something was up. Maybe she can sense labor coming?
  • I’m not sleeping well at all. I wake up so much throughout the night and I am so uncomfortable.
  • My hip pain is horrible at night and I toss and turn a lot. Pelvic pain is normal- I’ve sort of gotten use to it.
  • The baby is still moving a lot and I think she isn’t engaged at all since I still feel her kicks way up high.
  • I had another appointment this week. I’m measuring exactly 38 weeks and baby is still head down.
  • I am having really bad heartburn. I’ve actually had really bad heartburn for quite a while now, but it use to only hit at nighttime- now it kicks in early in the day and I really have to modify my diet to help keep it at bay.
  • I had an appt the day before I hit 39 weeks. Everything is still normal. I am measuring 40 weeks and baby is head down. Our Midwife thinks she might be really long.

39 weeks:

  • The day I hit 39 weeks I took Caleb and the dogs on a walk to the park. Once I got there I had the worst stomach cramp I have ever felt in my life. I was seriously worried I wouldn’t make it home. I was drenched in sweat and could barely walk and once I got home I called Ty crying and told him to come home. Listen, I didn’t even cry during my med free labor with Caleb until transition and this hurt worse than that! It was just a constant aching in my right side that lasted for about an hour. My Midwife thinks it may have been a combination of a gas bubble and baby pressed up against something because it was so localized but it hurt like hell. After rest it got better but it still hurt for a few hours afterward.
  • Lots of lower back cramps and some contractions here and there. Nothing consistent.
  • A lot more loose stools. Hopefully we’re getting closer!
  • I’m ready to meet her but I think she’s going to be late.
  • I had an appt the day before I hit 40 weeks. Our midwife came over and everything looks good. I am measuring 39 weeks and the baby is engaged in my pelvis. Our midwife checked me and my cervix is really really soft but only a little dilated. She was able to do a membrane sweep and could feel the baby’s head so she thinks she may come within the next week or so.

40 weeks:

  • Lots of back cramps.
  • At 40w1d I lost some mucus plus (gross, huh?) but no time-able contractions.
  • At 40w2d went into labor!

Last photo as a family of 3!


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