My Pregnant Belly

I shared my belly progression with Caleb and I’ve been pretty good about remembering to do it this pregnancy too. I really want to make sure I document things this pregnancy as I did with Caleb and that will hopefully trickle into taking pictures and writing down milestones like I did with Caleb. I hear a lot about the “second child syndrome” where you don’t take pictures or keep track of things and I don’t want to do that. There are practically zero pics of my sister as a baby (actually, I think I’ve never ever seen a baby pic of her) and she was the third so I want to make sure our youngest has all the same documentation as Caleb does. So, here goes…

13-21 weeksYou can see below that I forgot to take a pic in week 24. This is one of my favorites pictures though, so I threw it in. I love that Caleb loved snuggling my belly and his sister kicks every single time he sits/lays on me.

22-29 weeksHere’s where I started to get huge:

30-37 weeksMy 37 week pic looks really similar to my 37 week picture with Caleb. You can see that my belly is a lot higher/bigger this pregnancy (I carried Caleb low the whole time). My belly button never popped out with Caleb and it has been a full outtie for some weeks now.

37 week compareI’ve gained a total of 25 lbs and I gained about 18-20 lbs with Caleb. Fortunately, most of my weight is in my belly. I’ve had a number of people comment about how I don’t look pregnant from behind so that makes me feel good– though my waddle does give it away. I even had one student, who apparently discussed with her friend that I should be carrying a boy because my “belly looks like a boy is in there and [her] friend should know because her mom has had 6 kids”. It’s so funny what people think about a pregnant belly.

Here are the last three weeks. (If I go past 40 weeks, I’ll update with more pics but let’s hope that doesn’t happen).38-40 weeks

7 thoughts on “My Pregnant Belly

  1. Wow! Great idea! And amazing to see how big yr belly was at 14 wks with yr second -this is where i am now and no where near it! Totally amazed at how it changes shape!

  2. Hi Jenn,you do have a really big pregnant belly and that’s so nice! It’s so round,but I noticed that your button didn’t pop,and that’s too bad.Jutting bellybuttons are most appealing to me,especially the larger ones.Some of the women in Alexa Garbarino’s book of pregnant nudes called Ripe have the type buttons that are favorites of mine.I wish that pregnant ladies wouldn’t fret so much over their bellybuttons.The woman on the bridge in Alexa’s book isn’t stressing over her button and hers is no less than a highly conspicuous prominently pouting protrusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! My belly button actually did pop out with this pregnancy. With my first it just flattened and never protruded. It was much worse this time and actually hurt! I’ll definitely look into that book; sounds interesting. I appreciate you sharing and that you seem intrigued by pregnant women’s bellies! It’s nice to hear!

      1. Hi again Jenn, You’ve made my day!!! I just saw your reply to my comment this morning.Honestly,I never expected a reply because I almost never get replies to the comments I post on various sites.I want to ask a favor if I could please.Since you responded so positively to my post,would it be okay to tell you some things about me in regards to my attraction to the pregnant form? However,I really don’t want to do it here for other readers to see.I want only you to read it Jenn,so would it be alright to send you a regular email at your email address? Again,thank you so much for the positive reply,for it really did make me feel good!!!!! Sincerely,Todd

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