Hello, Love.

Today we got to see our baby girl for the last time before she joins us on the outside. I have been really worried that she is breech because I am feeling hiccups really high up. Our midwife thought she was head down based on feeling my belly but we wanted to be sure. She is head down and ready to go! She has hair and this sonographer made no mention of a “huge” baby like they did when I went in with Caleb at this time in my pregnancy with him. There was also a great amount of fluid (I had excess with Caleb and when my water broke, it was like a flood).

The best part? We got to see her face! I started bawling when I saw her. I am just so excited to meet her. Here she is looking right at you. Her head is on the right and she is laying sideways in the pic. I am officially in love.

Baby Face

3 thoughts on “Hello, Love.

  1. Sweet little baby girl!! I am so excited for you guys. Forgive me, I’ve forgotten your due date, but you must be thrilled and READY. 🙂

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