Orange Slice Nursery Paint

We picked a color! It’s crazy bright, guys. It wasn’t one of the first three we painted and we knew we wanted to go bright- so we went back and got more samples. It’s been an interesting task and is taking us a lot longer than planned but we are chugging along!

We started here:


We weren’t in love with any of those three colors. While I did love the berry color- I was really set on orange. I had been thinking about orange from the moment I found out I was pregnant. So we went back and got more samples.

paint 2

I threw in that bright green just to see how I felt about it. I was still jonesin’ for orange. We made sure to paint two coats so we could see how it actually looked and make a firm decision. We did end up picking on of these colors. Bottom left. It’s called Orange Slice by Valspar. It has a nice mix of orange but there is also a bit of red in it so makes it appear a bit more coral. You can see a little sample below:

paint 3

I know not a lot of people would choose to go so bright for a baby’s room but since we are doing bead board wallpaper on the lower walls like we did in Caleb’s room (which I still need to update since we’re 90% done!) we knew a bright color would be A-OK. You can tell from the picture above that there is visible paint under the wallpaper- but that’s OK because we have to paint a coat of white paint on the wallpaper anyway. That means it’ll disappear.

Ty has been painting the trim white and that’s an arduous task and now that the second coat of paint is on the walls I can start hanging wallpaper (yeah, I only have one strip on the walls right now). The longest process is marking where the wallpaper will end and then going around the room and ensuring the line is level and straight. That line is crucial in assuring the wallpaper looks straight and plum, so I spend a lot of time working on that.

Because the room is so bright, we are keeping a lot of the art really basic and white. I bought a gorgeous pink mirror from Home Goods for $34 and just spray painted it white, so that will look really nice in there too. Every time I go in there I feel happy so I cannot wait to see the finished product!

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