Caleb Says…


(While pooping Caleb likes privacy)
Caleb: Mommy, leave please. Mommy go out window.

(As I put him to bed the other night I was struggling to grab his book)
Me: Oy, Caleb, mommy’s tired and moves slow.
Caleb: You have to be patient with mommy.
(He actually says this at random times when I am, apparently, not quick enough)

Tyler: Caleb, no throwing balls in the house!

Me: Do you want corn on the cobb with dinner?
Caleb: YEAH! I want corn on the hot dog cobb.


Me: Give me your leg so I can wash off the bubble paint.
Caleb: Mommy, it not your leg!

(While putting Caleb to bed)
Me: Do you want me to sing Twinkle Twinkle or Apples and Bananas?
Caleb: I want you to sing We Will Wock You and Nother’ Bites the Dust.

Caleb: I want to play bubbles with baby sister. Mommy, blow bubbles with belly?

(Driving up to Starbucks)
Caleb: Mommy I see it! There’s cake pop building!

Caleb: I want to drink the water in mommy’s belly.

Caleb: I want some hard scrambled eggs.

(Upon first waking up)
Caleb: I chase butterflies today. I can touch them. No touch bees. I touch butterflies and spiderwebs!

Caleb: I want the Belly Button Book. Tell Daddy go to Costco and get it in morning?

Caleb: Mommy white and Caleb black.

Caleb: Daddy have to go to work. Daddy need to get monies with screwdriver.


(After sleeping with us in our bed all night)
Caleb: I snuggle baby sister in mommy’s bed!

(Caleb is struggling with the difference between “with” and “on” and gets confused and says things like when he wants me to get right next to him)
Caleb: Mommy lay on me. Mommy sit on me.

Caleb: Mommy, I want to go to zoo.
Me: OK, we should go right before baby sister comes.
Caleb: No. I don’t want baby sister to go. Only mommy and daddy. Baby sister stay home and take shower by self.

Caleb: I want to make some popcorn. (It was 7am)
Me: It’s too early.
Caleb: (yelling) I GO STRAIGHT TO BED!

Caleb: I talk to Daddy when he gets home from work and tell him about school.

(After telling him our friend was in a plane)
Caleb: (pointing at the sky): I SEE DERRICK IN SKY!!! He flying a plane!!!

(Playing basketball one morning)
Me: Do you want me to shoot the ball or pass it to you?
Caleb: Mommy shoot me.

Caleb: I coughing; I almost throw up. Mommy hold me like baby and rub back?

(Holding pliers)
Caleb: Come’ere Bubby, I wanna cut your toes.

Caleb: Oh! There’s a garbage truck. Mommy, I need to drive it.

(During a thunder and lightning storm)
Caleb: Mommy, what’s that!?
Me: That’s just thunder.
Caleb: (whining) NOT WANT THUNDER!
Me: It’s OK, it’s all gone.
Caleb: (whining) I WANT THUNDER!

(When he wants Ty to chase him and play hide and seek)
Caleb: Daddy, run you?

Caleb: No pet bees. Bees give owies. I pet butterflies. I want to touch them.

(Driving next to a Coca-Cola truck)
Caleb: Mommy, that’s yilk!
Me: Yeah, that’s icky.
Caleb: Don’t drink that. People drink that. Daddy drinks that!

Me: Caleb, are you going to snuggle your baby sister?
Caleb: No. Not want baby sister.
Me: You don’t want her now!? She’s gonna be here soon.

He’s a multi-tasker

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