Pregnancy Two- Part III

If you are interested, here are weeks 3-12 and weeks 13-20.

21 weeks21 weeks:
Cravings: Fruit. Subway veggie sandwich.

  • I had a dime size blood clot the day I hit 21 weeks. It scared me so bad. Thankfully, I called our midwife and she said it was probably part of the SCH I had early on working its way out. There were no cramps or blood after that so I am very happy that was the only incident.
  • Still getting nauseated at night.
  • I am also starting to get heartburn. Yippee.
  • More and more people are asking if I’m pregnant now. You can see the fear in their eyes as they ask, knowing I could actually be pregnant and risking the possibility that maybe I’ve been eating way too many waffles.
  • Still having hip pain at night. The pubic bone pain seems to be most aggravated after sex. That’s the truth! Otherwise, I rarely notice it.
  • This girl is kicking my bladder now. She kicks so hard in the evenings and kicks me every time I put Caleb to bed. It’s like she already knows her goal is to keep Caleb awake.
  • I felt hiccups for the first time!
  • Still no names picked out. People keep asking. We have no short list like we did with Caleb. In fact, I think Caleb was named at this point.

22 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: I’m sill not the biggest fan of meat. I’ve really been into peanut butter/banana sandwiches.

  • I am getting a lot of strong kicks now. In fact, she kicks consistently every few hours when I finally sit down.
  • Hip pain has been really bad at night and I end up tossing and turning a lot.
  • I got the nasty head cold that has been going around from Caleb. I’ve been congested for days.
  • This is the first week where the baby has actually woken me up kicking me.
  • Hiccups! I remember this feeling well. Truthfully, they really annoy me but it makes me happy baby is practicing breathing.

23 weeks:
Cravings: Tomato/avocado sandwiches

  • It seems like I had a few weeks without any pubic bone pain and now it’s back. I’ve been running myself ragged with work and home so I think it is totally related. I need to lay low for a while.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my intensely dry skin yet. It’s been so dry since about 17 weeks. I seriously have to moisturize my face two times/day (normally, I have really oily skin).
  • Lots more hiccuping this week.
  • Still congested.
  • I had a trace amount of protein in my urine at my appointment so hopefully it’s nothing.

24 weeks:
Cravings: Fruits and salads.

  • My hip and pelvic pain have been really bad this week. Especially at night. I bought a support belt but it’s freaking uncomfortable so I am just going to have to work myself into getting use to it.
  • The baby kicked and it moved my arm! Now I can see her movement from the outside. So cool! Sometimes I can feel movement on the side of my stomach and at the other side, so I know she is stretching out and kicking/punching/headbutting me from all angles.
  • My breasts are starting to leak colostrum. Nothing big more like one drop I noticed after my shower one day. This happened with Caleb but not until late in the 3rd trimester.
  • Can she hear? I think so. She really responds to Caleb’s voice.
  • I feel hiccups every day now.
  • Name is confirmed. Isla! (Pronounced like “island”, but without the “d”.

25 weeks:
Cravings: Fruits, salads and Subway veggie sandwiches

  • I am starting to feel kicks really high up, like 2 inches above my belly button. It’s so weird to feel since I’ve been so use to feeling movement down low in my pelvis.
  • I am HOT. This has actually been going on for a few weeks but this week has been the most noticeable. I sweat and my face turns red like a whine-o. I have no way of gauging how warm/cool a room is because I am almost always roasting.
  • Hey, guess what sucks? My butt is bigger. I already have a big butt so this is something that is really bothering me. It’s not getting wider, it’s getting bubblier (is that a word!?). What the heck is this baby doing to me!? The other day Caleb walked up to me and kissed my butt and then turned me around and kissed my belly. I really think he got confused 😦
  • No hip or pubic pain! YAY!

26 weeks:

  • No hip or pubic pain for two weeks! Yay!
  • I’m having really weird pains like constipation is back. I am also getting full quickly and not able to eat as much .

27 weeks:

  • I spoke to soon. My hip pain is back at night.
  • This week I had my glucose tolerance test. I also had trace protein in my urine again. Not enough to be concerned and my blood pressure is excellent so I don’t know what’s going on. I passed the glucose test with flying colors BUT I have borderline anemia. This really busts my butt because at the beginning of pregnancy my iron was really good (for the first time in probably 6 years, which is really amazing for me [I thank juicing for that]) so it felt like defeat when I found out I’m anemic. Boo…now I have to start chugging the Floradix.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of pains in my stomach (they feel like round ligament stretching) but I’m assuming it’s Braxton Hicks contractions because I only get them when I over-exert myself. I never had Braxton Hicks (that I could feel) with Caleb so I have no idea what those feel like. They go away when I drink water and rest right away but it is really uncomfortable.
  • The baby is measuring right on. She moves so much these days. In fact, the movements are so strong that I sometimes gasp and I can feel her pushing with her arms and kicking with her feet. Most of this happens in the middle of the night.
  • Hello 3rd trimester! Ive gained a total of 13lbs.

28 weeks:

  • Caleb was sick again this week (cold and ruptured ear drum). The second he felt better I got sick. The cough is really painful and my head is throbbing. I had really bad sleep issues because of this and probably only got about 6-7 hrs of sleep in 2 days. I finally went to the doctor and have bronchitis and a head cold so I have to take some antibiotics. Not happy about that but it’s for the best.
  • I had really bad gas/heartburn for the first time ever. My chest felt like there was a lump in it and my stomach was achy. Thankfully, it only lasted the second half of the day.
  • My belly button area is starting to hurt. Its about to pop out and each time I laugh I can feel it protruding (gross, huh?)

29 weeks:

  • I have nothing to really update this week except for the fact that I am sick. My cough is horrendous and I worry this poor baby is not getting any sleep because of it! The antibiotics FINALLY started to work but what stunk was that the annoying part went from being bronchitis to a sinus infection with massive headaches. Thank god for Tyler letting me take naps and my students’ willingness to hang out and watch videos because I couldn’t/didn’t want to talk.
  • Not sure if it’s sickness related but I have been really really cranky. Poor Tyler gets the brunt of it all. It’s been bad and the mood swings are super exciting.
  • I can now feel actual body parts of the baby in my belly. I can tell where her butt is and usually where her feet are. This was one of my favorite things when pregnant with Caleb and I still love it. It makes me feel so much more connected to her. Her arm is still in my low abdomen/groin so I get a lot of pinching feelings but thankfully, no rib kicks yet (I never once had rib kicks with Caleb so I wonder if I will get them this time)!

30 weeks:
Cravings: Fruit and veggies…and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  • Lots of abdominal tightening/soreness.
  • My hip has started hurting again. Not every night, thankfully, but more than it has in weeks.
  • I have had a few cramps that were a little worrisome. Nothing major and they went away but it was still weird/scary.
  • Bloody nose every single morning. Well, it’s not a real bloody nose, but every morning I blow my nose and all that comes out is blood.
  • I haven’t been very hungry lately which is weird. I normally NEED breakfast (even when I am not pregnant) and eating in the morning is grossing me out. I try to make it to lunch by eating a banana. Apparently, I need to up my food game and really start eating more (and more protein).
  • I mowed the lawn and for the first time in weeks and I started to feel public pain again. NO! It’s hurt for 2 days now. Hoping it’ll go away soon.
  • I’ve also encountered the point where total strangers say things to me. Things like “I can spot that pregnancy walk from a mile away” or “not too much longer” or “are you sure you will make it to the end of the quarter”.
  • Baby is growing right on track. She is moving a lot but she is nowhere near as active as Caleb was. We are hoping– really hoping she will be a chill kid…

30 weeks

(That’s a shadow, not a hairy armpit)

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