Back to the Drawing Board

I got some paint samples for the baby’s room. I really wanted to do a bright orange color since we are going to do the same white bead board wallpaper in that room as we are doing in Caleb’s.

The colors after 1 coat: paint


The colors after 2 coats: paint 2

I like the really vivid orange but it looks a lot like I chopped open a pumpkin and threw its guts on our wall. Ty and I like the red/rose color but it’s a little too dark for us (we’ll probably put that in the closet). The lighter orange is really nice but I think the nude undertones make it bland.

For now, we’re going back to get more samples. Hopefully we’ll find one that sings to us.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Hmmm…I actually like the rose and the lighter orange together. That makes we want to paint a room orange and use pink accents. 🙂 Or perhaps a slightly yellower orange would tone it down while still being adequately cheerful? After all, it’s going to be half the room, not just that little spot. How is C’s room looking?

    1. We love the orange and rose too! I am going to paint the closet the rose color. We actually picked a different orange and it is almost a bit coral-y. No paint is up yet though…we’re so slow. I think orange is such a fun color though. You SHOULD paint a room!

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