• Caleb threw his toy hammer at my face. It hurt like hell. It hit right below my eye and left a huge lump and now there is a sweet bruise forming. I’m not going to sugar coat it: I was pissed. We were both crying and pissed off but only one of us was screaming “I want to go to Costco!” I cover it up with lots of concealer but you can still see the green hue here…

Hammered Eye

  • Caleb has been sitting on the potty at school! Has he been using it? Maybe 5% of the time. That is still success compared to last quarter when he refused to even touch it. He is also more willing to use bathrooms when we are out in public. The only downside is that the only bathroom he wants to use is the one at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • We have a leak in our roof. The horrible inspector who checked our house before we bought it missed TWO buckets in our attic! How does an inspector miss TWO buckets! We found it after we moved in and last week Ty went up there. Guess what he found? Mold. He then had to rip out drywall and replace it. It was/is a hefty mess. You don’t know how thankful I am to have a husband who can do these things. Seriously, he is amazing. Now…we just need to get a new roof. We were hoping to postpone it to fall but it looks like that is not an option now. Every day I curse the inspector… (I should add that he was not our realtor’s normal inspector so she has nothing to do with this guy normally; she’s awesome- he’s not. Her regular guy wasn’t available so this dweeb came in).
  • I have been planting flowers/weeding/doing yard work like crazy. I absolutely love yard work. It’s one of those things that gives me instant gratification. It’s a great workout and I feel so good being outside making things look nice. Digging for bugs and worms is also a bonus. I seriously think I must have been a landscaper in a previous life.
  • Butters needs to have surgery on her lipomas. She has two large fatty tumors (one on her belly and one under her arm, about the size of a softball). They aren’t cancerous and they aren’t urgent but it’ll still cost us around $1,200-1,600. Oy.
  • Caleb has finally been able to play with the neighbor kids! A combination of spring weather and being old enough to want to hang out with older kids is a great thing. Our next door neighbor is 4.5 and another kid down the road is 9 and these 3 play like crazy! It’s interesting to watch them interact because they are all so different but Caleb is totally obsessed with the 9 yr old (I think he has ASD but I don’t know the full diagnosis) and follows anything this kid does. It makes me so happy watching them all play in our cul-de-sac and dig in the dirt and jump off embankments yelling “cowabunga”. It is totally exhausting for me since Caleb is so much younger and wants to do so many of the things they do so I end up running after him or corralling him or telling the older kid not to do certain things, but Caleb sleeps so well these nights that it is more than worth it.


  • We live super close to a storm water pond. Like, less than a block. Each morning I wake up to the prettiest bird songs. It makes my days start off so cheery and I love it. The other upside? There are seriously tons of birds of prey because of this pond (we’ve seen osprey and hawks to name a few) and that means there aren’t many squirrels or other delicious rodents around because they eat ’em all. Right now it is pouring rain outside and I can hear all of the birds chirping and singing. Makes me feel a little bit Snow White-ish.
  • Tyler completely repainted the toilet/shower room in our master bath. I’ll post about that later but let me just tell you this: it went from poop brown to a glorious minty green. Paint is seriously amazing.
  • As I type this Caleb is asleep in his twin bed–aka–the big boy bed. Ty put it together today. I am nervous but this is night one of trying to get Caleb to sleep in his bed all night. Wish us luck… Ty put his bed together today and Caleb’s room is really starting to look good! I’ll post about that once I get a little more finished.
  • I can’t decide if we should buy a dual stroller or not. Caleb is not old enough or independent enough to walk while I push a stroller. My fear is buying a dual stroller and then never using it. I’ve been thinking we could sell our regular stroller and our jogger stroller to buy a dual stroller (used, of course) but I have no idea which way to go.
  • A little over a month ago, after seeing people on Facebook who I have no relationship with, post things that I think are ignorant, uneducated or just plain dumb, I decided to clean things up. To be honest, I have always kept my Facebook pretty minimal…meaning, it’s mainly family. I took the advice of a friend and basically deleted almost every person I have no relationship with outside of social media. What’s the point? As one of my friend’s says, “no need to fake the funk”. I “elimifriended” a ton of people who I really have no relationship with. The truth is, I don’t even care if they get upset. That’s how important they are. (That’s not meant as an insult). Why keep people involved in your social networking life when they aren’t involved in the more important REAL LIFE!?
  • Three weeks ago, my friend who has a friend who is having a boy (make sense?) set up a “date” to swap clothes (she has a 2 year old daughter so the swap is a perfect match for both of us). I cleaned out all of Caleb’s old clothes. Do you know how many bags of clothes we had for 0-3T sizes? EIGHT! Eight garbage bags. It feels so good to give those to someone who needs them and who will use the heck out of them. We got a huge garbage bag full of clothes. I have spent the better part of my spring break sorting through the clothes, washing and hanging/folding them (while wrangling a maniac toddler). I have to be honest here, I am freaking excited about these girl clothes! Normally, I’m one of those crazy gender neutral folks but seeing all of these adorable dresses is making me nutty. It’s crazy how excited it is making me to meet our little girl. And I am totally excited that this is our last baby and I get to experience the crazy girl-clothes-phenomenon with a second child rather than a first. (Yeah, we’re set on no more kids; it’s been discussed at length. No, Ty is not “going under the knife”; he’s way too young for that and it always weirds me out that people make these decisions so early in life. Stick a fork in me- I’m done!)
  • We’re really considering having this little girl at a birth center. My heart wants to have her at home but in terms of convenience and lowering our stress, we think it might be easier on Caleb if we don’t have her here. I think I can labor with him around and I want to– but I don’t know how he or I would handle transition and pushing (that was where I really struggled last time). I’m still leaning toward home birth but this is a really tough decision for us right now.
  • Whenever we go on walks Caleb wants to pick all of the dandelions. Occasionally we pilfer some real flowers too.Goldfish and Flowers

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