Our 2.5 Year Old Midwife

Tonight Caleb asked to “listen to baby’s heart”. He asks this often, actually. I don’t use the doppler anymore since I can feel the baby move all day long but tonight I decided to let him play with it.

He just wanted to listen to his heart. He put the doppler on his chest and said “I midwife Bev. I Megan listening to baby heart” and then put the doppler on my belly. Seriously, I almost died from cuteness overload. Bev and Megan are our midwives. Caleb really really likes them. In fact, if you ask him what a midwife does he will say “help get baby out of mommy’s belly”. He talks about them a lot. When I read him books about his new baby sister and there is a picture of a doctor he will say “that’s midwife”.

This is one of the biggest benefits of choosing a midwife: Caleb is involved in every single appointment. It’s definitely leaving an impact on him.

Caleb the midwife

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