Caleb’s Room: Part I

You would think that after 9 months of living in our new house that Caleb’s room would be done (or any room would be done for that matter, but none are). The week we moved in I was adventurous and painted all of the trim in his room white (it was that hideous oak trim that no one should like) and then chose a blue paint color. The color on every single wall, ceiling, and door in our house is a hideous beige-y peach color that really rubs me the wrong way. It doesn’t look crisp or fresh at all. Not my style. Hopefully this color is no one’s style.


Here’s the problem: I loved the blue color…just not on his walls. I painted 3 full walls and stared at them for 4 months and then bit the bullet and got a color I really love and think he will grow into. It’s almost the exact same color as wet cement. I painted each wall only half-way down (see pic below) because I knew I wanted to do something really cool and cozy on the bottom half of the walls.


I decided to do bead board wallpaper. I’ve never wallpapered before but so far I am in love with how it is turning out. The room is really starting to come together and it is starting to remind me of a little cottage bedroom (our bedrooms are pretty small). The best thing about the wallpaper is that it is so much cheaper than actual bead board because it only costs $19.99/roll.¬† Once I finish wallpapering, Ty will install the trim and then I will paint the wallpaper white (you can actually see some of the blue underneath and since this wallpaper is paintable, it is recommended to paint it even if you can’t see color underneath it).

Below is a horrible cellphone shot of how the color and bead board wallpaper are coming together. I’m so excited to get it done so we can start working on the baby’s room!


Aren’t those vintage tool flashcards cool!? (They’re from House 8810)

4 thoughts on “Caleb’s Room: Part I

    1. Thanks! The bead board wallpaper is seriously amazing. I just showed it to my parents and they were shocked as well. It’s thick and kind of foamy so it’s very three dimensional and looks just like the actual board. But way cheaper!

  1. Looks great! I have some vintage style alphabet cards that are more girly, where did you get the tool ones? I love those! I should send you the link where I got mine, they were free printables!

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