Moving to a Toddler Bed

We did it. It’s not an “official” big kid bed but we did transform Caleb’s crib into a toddler bed. Which really means, Ty just took down one side and put up a half rail since our crib is a 4-in-1 and converts from crib to toddler bed to full bed. We did it the day after Thanksgiving and we were nervous.

Toddler bed

The first night Caleb slept in his bed the entire night long! No wake ups at all. The first week was good. After that, everything went to shit. I read the article on Mommy Shorts “The Big Girl Bed is Kicking My Ass” and laughed…but cried on the inside. This is our hell. If you know us (specifically our son), then you know he has never been a solid sleeper. He is one of the lightest sleeping toddlers I have ever encountered. He’s slept through the night about 40 times since he was born; he’s 2.5 right now. (That number is me reaching to save my sanity because I assure it is less than that.) The first three months of his life he slept like a champ. Only woke to nurse then passed out. We thought we hit the jackpot in the sleep department. Then at 3 months he decided to introduce us to hell. The funniest thing here is at our Birth Class Reunion, after gushing about how well our newborn was sleeping (not really sleeping long stretches but totally content to eat and then sleep and never cry) Penny Simkin told us he was just easing us into parenthood. She was right. Oy.

Caleb likes his bed. In fact, he will say “go lay in big kid bed” and he likes playing in it and snuggling his animals or “reading” books while he lays in his bed. He falls asleep in his bed every night. BUT…between 11-1, Caleb inevitably wakes and comes running into our room. I’m not kidding, I hear him run down the hall. Here’s the problem: because this all started in my first trimester. When I was insanely tired and nauseated all of the time, Caleb would come into our room and I would just lift him into our bed because I was too lazy to take him back to bed.

Sleping in our bed

It’s March. You know the math. Four months. FOUR MONTHS! That’s how long we have had a bed-mate. Since we transitioned Caleb to a toddler bed, he’s slept in his bed from night to morning three times. The rest of the time? He’s sammiched in between Ty and I. Actually, he’s usually in between Ty and I but completely smashed up against my back rubbing my mole. The best part? Caleb kicks the blankets off of him in the sort of “rabbit kick” fashion that you see cats do when they are pissed. He does this about three times throughout the night. Ty and I have mastered covering ourselves with a corner of the blanket so that when he kicks- we aren’t rudely awakened by having the colors ripped off.

We gotta do something before this baby is born. The nights where Caleb sleeps in his bed all night I get the best sleep ever. I need that sleep. The problem here is that I also sort of love him sleeping with us. I feel torn. It just won’t work with an infant in our bed (we co-sleep our babies) and a toddler…and two adults. So what’s the plan?

We are buying a twin size bed. Here’s why? We are going to put Caleb in a real “big kid bed”. That way when he wakes at night, which he still does every night (you can’t pay our son to sleep through the night), we can take him back to bed and actually lay next to him at first. My reasoning? I’ll at least have some energy to take him back to bed if I can lay down rather that sit on the floor.

We’ll keep you posted. As of late, Caleb’s favorite place to sleep is right here, on my belly. This kid is so freaking lovable.

Napping on baby belly

4 thoughts on “Moving to a Toddler Bed

  1. Not gonna lie, I laughed out loud when I read this post. The rabbit kick thing is too much. Leon does the same thing, and he even did it in his sleep once and kicked Daniel in a not so pleasant area. I go back and forth with the whole toddler bed transition. It took Leon 2 and half years to become an okay sleeper. And that’s because we switched from half days to full at daycare. I’ve only had the past 3 months of decent sleep, and I don’t want to ruin that. I still get the occasional midnight yells of “mommy, mommy, mommeeeeee” through the baby monitor, but I’ll take that over a toddler roaming our house while I sleep, any day. 🙂

    1. Ha! I am glad someone is laughing. I would seriously recommend against the toddler bed if Leon is sleeping totally fine in it. No need for that stress if he is content. We still have a night-waker. I don’t think Caleb will ever be one of those kids who sleeps through the night (unless he’s 14). As long as you guys are getting sleep- embrace that!

      I kind of look at it as a small blessing right now. Since we will have a new baby anyway, we’re totally used to waking in the night to screaming or a toddler climbing into our bed. Hopefully it’ll be a smooth transition…

  2. What’s the update on your sleeping situation? I’m in the same boat as you except that we havent converted the crib yet, but we need to very soon!

    1. Our son (who is 3 next week) is sleeping in a twin size bed now. He didn’t do well in the toddler bed and we decided to try the big bed and he did much better in that. We just use a pool noodle to keep him in so he doesn’t roll out! He STILL wakes up 1-2 times each night and comes in our room though, so we are still battling that area of sleep. It’s rough!

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