The Name Game

Success! I think we found a name! To be fair, it has always been a front runner for us. Ty and I have talked about a few names we like a lot and this one always comes up. The test? Ask Caleb. His answer? The winner. I would ask Caleb every morning which names he likes. He would often pick the one we chose. He would also joke back and forth between the two main names but he still always went back to our favorite name. I think he will like knowing he got to pick his sister’s name.

Before we knew we were having a girl, we had a few really good names for a boy. I felt really confident in our boy name list. I was so in love with the name Silas and felt like that was “the name” for so long. Clearly we were wrong. We quickly decided against a “C” name. We know a lot of people who alliterate their kids’ names and I really like a few C names, but we wanted something different. I kind of like all of us having different first initials. It’ll definitely help us find our stockings at Christmastime. (You get that sarcasm, right?)

Below is a list of our the names I had saved online. Honestly a lot of these were shot down by Tyler quickly but I am still sharing the starter list. He is ruthless when it comes to names. For example, I love the name Lael; it is gorgeous. I imagined telling Ty the name and him immediately saying “YES!”. I told him. He didn’t even look up, he just said “no”. You don’t even want to know how many times he did this. We knew we wanted a feminine name and something that wasn’t super popular (I also weirdly like 5-letter names because that is what Caleb’s name is).

The list:
Alyssa, Anna, Arya, Avery, Ayla, Bailey, Charlotte, Elise, Emilia, Fiona, Harlow, Isla, Jocelyn, Kiera, Lael, Layla, Lorelei, Lucia, Lydia, Marlo, Nadia, Riley, Ruby, Sasha, Scarlett, Sydney

We got it down to our very two favorites. These were our two favorite names from the very beginning and we just kept going back to them. No other names made it. We haven’t decided whether we want to share the winner yet (we probably will share early since we don’t really care what anyone thinks about our pick). The greatest thing is Caleb will say things like “baby _______ in mommy belly. Hi sister.” It’s crazy adorable.

For now, I will share that I have colors picked for the baby’s room: orange, pink, white. My inspiration is this Jonathan Adler Sun wallpaper.

Jonathan Adler Sun Wallpaper

2 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. I’m quite offended that Faisalina is not on the list. It meets your criteria of being feminine but not popular…

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