Pregnancy Two – Part II

You can read about my symptoms from weeks 3-12 here.

13 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: Caleb’s pee diapers really gross me out. It’s not even like he has to have a full diaper; it’s just the smell of urine in his diaper that makes me sick. (This is why we potty trained him this week).

  • My nipples still hurt. They are so sensitive. I am waiting every day for my new bras to arrive and give me some sort of comfort because my current bras are too small and they hurt.
  • Oh hey, want a little more TMI? Sure you do. My nipples are getting darker! Whoa!? I know this is pretty common but this didn’t happen with Caleb so it’s really cool!
  • This week I had my first normal poop in weeks. I mean, I pooped and felt glorious. It was a normal poop and no constipation. I celebrated that night with a whole bottle of sparkling cider.
  • I’m still pretty tired and naps are still a godsend for me.
  • Nausea is going away but still lingers at night.
  • Lots of sharp pulling pains, especially when I move suddenly.
  • I’ve woken up starving a few times this week so I assume the baby is going through a growth spurt.
  • I am definitely feeling little movements here and there. I thought it was way too early but at our appointment with our midwife I told her the baby was on my right side. It was. She asked if I was feeling anything and didn’t seem shocked that I was.
  • I think it’s a boy. I had one person on my team but she switched sides! šŸ™‚

14 weeks:
Cravings: Sushi and Starburst. I am not a candy eater but I have been craving fruity candy like mad.

  • My nipples are on fiyah. Sorry, they are. They hurt so bad I don’t even want Caleb to lean on my chest.
  • No nausea for three days in a row! It came back but only because I was hungry. Otherwise, totally going away! šŸ™‚
  • Not sleeping well. I wake up about 8 times each night. It sucks.
  • A lot of sharp round ligament pain. Sudden movements really make it noticeable and make me cringe but I know it’s making room for baby so I welcome it.
  • Total movement! Especially at night. Still very sporadic.

15 weeks:
Cravings: really spicy chili, Starbucks, chocolate cupcakes. Anything orangy (I didn’t realize my cravings for orange was so obvious until one I opened an amazing orange/honeysuckle body wash. After my shower I came downstairs and told Ty how wonderful it was and he said “I bought it because you have been on an orange kick lately”. This is why I love him…)

  • Lots of gas this week.
  • I felt a stronger kick than ever the other night right after I laid down. The movement is still really sporadic but more obvious than ever.
  • Only 2 moments of nausea! Whoo hoo!!!
  • Nipples are still burning. Taking off my bra at night causes me to wince. It reminds of the first week of nursing.
  • I realized I refer to this baby as a “he”. I caught myself and was shocked. Maybe my intuition is right?

16 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: Caleb’s pee diapers still really gross me out. Thankfully he only wears them at bed and nap but when I smell them, I gag. Still really into pickles and candy. Lots of candy. In fact, I ate candy for lunch one day…and got the shakes afterward.

  • Nipples are still on fire, especially the right one. I think I may need some Lansinoh early…
  • The movement is getting so much more noticeable. I didn’t get to feel Caleb early because I had an anterior placenta but this baby is moving a ton. One night I stopped singing Twinkle Twinkle after Caleb fell asleep and I felt a huge roll/kick.
  • Caleb and I got a stomach bug this week so we have been really tired and not feeling well.
  • Getting light-headed in my 9am class. I assume from standing so long.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • My breasts are huge. So big in fact that Ty commented on them being “a lot bigger than normal”.
  • Getting really excited to find out if Caleb is going to get a brother or sister.

17 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: Spicy foods. Not jalapenos though, it has to be spicy like Tobasco or Chili Sauce. I am still craving chili and one of my students makes fun of me every day because she sees me eating it.

  • Lots more movement. Sometimes it feels really strange like a tickle and other times it feels really strong. The baby is most active in the evening after dinner but I notice I feel it move a lot during the day if I sit still.
  • Ugh, sleeping on my stomach is getting next to impossible.
  • Still not sleeping well. I wake about 6-8 times each night. It sucks and I am pretty exhausted from it.
  • Some hip pain is beginning. Damn the relaxin in my body. Hip pain with Caleb was atrocious so I am especially nervous about it this time.
  • Really bad pubic pain too. I had this with Caleb also so I knew it would creep back into my life. When it happens it hurts so bad I can hardly walk. Thankfully it isn’t constant but it really puts me in a bad mood.
  • A lot more round ligament pain in my lower abdomen.
  • I notice my belly has stayed about the same the past 3 weeks. I started showing early and looked huge but it has really leveled out and I am happy I don’t look 8 months pregnant at 4 months.
  • We had our second appt with our midwife, Bev, who we love. Baby’s heartbeat was in the 140’s and everything else looks good. We scheduled our ultrasound for 19 weeks to the day! EEEK!!! Getting so excited.

18 weeks:
Cravings: Salads. I am also craving Subway veggie sandwiches again.

  • Not sleeping well.
  • OK, listen, I am not kidding here: this kid kicks the crap out of me. These are strong kicks and some make me gasp. How am I feeling this strong of movement at 18 weeks!? Is this baby going to be a giant!? Is this baby going to be an acrobat!? Either way, it wants me to know it’s there and it’s making sure I’m aware that my uterus is a jungle gym.
  • Getting full really easily. I need to eat much smaller meals since my stomach is getting smashed up by my uterus.
  • I can tell my belly button is starting to change.
  • My nipple are big. Not the areola but the actual nipple. Not long big but they seem to be fatter or more swollen. Dear god, my nipples are constantly visible through my shirts!
  • My hips are starting to hurt at night. My midwife suggested I get a belly band for the pubic bone pain and hip pain so I hope that helps.

19 weeks:
Cravings: Still craving salads like crazy. Also really craving spaghetti.

  • It’s a girl! You can read more about that here. The sub chorionic hemorrhage is gone and the placenta is posterior (in back) and completely away from my cervix! Whoo hoo!
  • Tons of movement. I am starting to notice some of her cycles. Some times she will kick me for at least 45 minutes and then nothing for a few hours, then it’s back. Especially right after I eat.
  • Still hip pain at night. My snoogle pillow helps. The toddler leaving me 5 inches of bed to sleep in does not.
  • I spilled food and my belly caught it. So it begins…
  • Nausea is back at night. It starts at 7:30pm. Great.
  • I already picked a color scheme for her room! Think bright orange, pink and white!
  • No names picked out yet.

20 weeks:
Cravings: Salads, still. Fruit: oranges, strawberries, blueberries.

  • Really tired. (I’m not sure if this is because it’s mid qtr and I’m usually exhausted at this point but I’m exhausted)
  • Still waking to pee at night. Fortunately, it’s usually only once a night rather than 2-3 times.
  • Nausea is back most nights. It’s not unbearable but I really thought I was in the clear.
  • The baby is moving a ton! I love it so much.
  • Still no names. We have a handful we like but none that are screaming at us.
  • I’ve gained about 7-8 lbs so far.
  • Tyler got to feel the baby kick this week!

Below is a comparison between my 20 week belly with Caleb and 20 weeks with this baby. There is definitely a difference in the shape of the baby belly. My belly this time looks so much more like a ball sticking straight out rather than low and oblong like I was with Caleb.

20 week compare

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Two – Part II

  1. You look amazing, and 7-8lbs, that’s great. I think I gained that in the first 2 weeks with Leon. Ugh. I can still hear my doctor saying “you carry your weight well.” :-\ Hope your morning sickness subsides. Did you have it all throughout your pregnancy with Caleb?

    1. I actually gained most of the weight in the first tri because I could only keep down carbs. I’m trying to be really mindful of any carbs this time so we can hopefully have a smaller baby and lower my risk of the baby getting stuck (like Caleb did).

      I had nausea at night with Caleb and it went away around 17-18 weeks but it was nothing like this pregnancy. It was so bad- I am pretty convinced we’re not having any more because of it!

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