Pregnancy Two: The Verdict Is…

New baby_0001

At exactly 19 weeks we went in for our second trimester ultrasound. You might recall I did the red cabbage sex test early on and it seemed like it leaned girl but was hard to read. Was I excited about our ultrasound? Yeah. But my excitement was overshadowed by my nerves. The whole morning my stomach was sick and I nearly vomited 3 times. It was bad. I was shaky and when Ty brought up sushi afterward I said “no”. Who is this girl!? Most people go in excited for the sex. Boy or girl. At this ultrasound my friend found out their baby had brain malformations. I was scared. I think when these things hit close to home you tend to worry more.

This ultrasound tech wasn’t as great as the one we had with Caleb. Caleb also refused to move so all of his pictures were awesome. With Caleb, the tech showed us his genitals right away. Well, we saw them anyway when she measured his thigh bone. This time the tech waited until the very end. As we walked in I asked Ty what his final verdict was. He said “boy”. I felt this baby was a boy for a long time. In fact, I was sure of it. So sure. The baby was kicking me and moving the entire time. We were worried we would need to come back in because the baby kept moving and they were having trouble getting some measurements and pictures. The baby was opening and closing its hand and it totally looked like it was waving at us.

Hand by Head

As the tech measured the femur, I saw an empty area, but it was quick. The same area where we saw testicles and a penis with Caleb so Ty and I both thought it could be a girl. I didn’t cry once at Caleb’s ultrasound. (I didn’t even cry at his birth! I think it’s called shock). I knew from the get-go that Caleb was a boy. Ty knew the moment I got a positive pregnancy test it was a boy. We weren’t even shocked or excited when the tech told us because we knew. This time was different. I had no intuition. I thought it was a boy but everyone else seemed to think it was a girl (at our last appt. our midwife even said “there she is” when checking the heartbeat). I had no feeling or thoughts. My sister explained it in a way that made sense: we have a toddler, I work full time. We’re really busy. I didn’t have the time to focus on what this baby could be- like I could with Caleb. I was sold on her explanation. It made me feel better.

We’re having a girl.

I cried. I was set on brothers. I knew deep down I wanted a girl though. I knew I would have a bit of sadness. I think we’re done having kids. I don’t know if I’m up for this again. The first trimester was a bear this time. When the tech and radiologist confirmed it was a girl- I was ecstatic. There’s a bit of shock here too since I was so set on a boy. It slapped me in the face. After my nerves settled down I desperately wanted sushi. Ty and I went out for lunch at one of our favorite sushi places in Seattle. I devoured a Dragon Roll and a Tropical Roll. It was a wonderful celebration lunch…

We are beyond thrilled. It’s a sister. Another kid to love and share our lives with. One of my friends who was due a day after me lost her baby a few weeks ago. This is a really bittersweet moment. We’re really happy and grateful to have a baby. I think that’s the biggest thrill of all. Last night at bed we asked Caleb what he wants to name his sister. He said “brodder”. It looks like he can have a “brodder- girl” after all.`


(I ran out and bought these today. I was excited and needed to celebrate.)

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Two: The Verdict Is…

  1. So much to comment on. Here goes. Totally agree with Melissa, you have so much on your plate, with the first all focus is on baby. I get the whole “brothers” thing, it is super nice to have two girls, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. BUT if I had one of each, I would for sure want the brother as the older sibling. He will love her and take care of her his whole life. I am so excited for you both in general, girl or boy, you will have another addition to your family! Yay for buying little girl clothes!

    1. It’s a lot to adjust to since I was so convinced it was a boy. I knew deep down I wanted a girl though so it make me really happy. The other night Caleb kissed my belly and said “a girl’s in there”. It was so cute. I think he will be a great big brother. Ty and I are just super hopeful this next one is a bit more calm! 🙂

  2. How exciting, Caleb will make such a great big brother! I agree with the comment above and your sis, you’re definitely a little busy to be able to hone in on your intuition. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! Love the patterns and colors of the clothes you picked out!

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