Caleb Says…

Faces of Caleb

(I heard this from his teacher)
Caleb: I hungry, more cereal.
Teacher: Here you go.
Caleb: Thank you. Merry Christmas! (It’s mid January)

(Playing in his new kitchen)
Caleb: Mommy, com-ere.
Me: Ooh, what are you making?
Caleb: I makin’ cheese.
Me: Can you make me something else?
Caleb: I make soup. I makin’ cheese! I makin’ cheese.

(Pulling his shirt up)
Caleb: Daddy part on belly! Daddy part on belly! (this is how he says “fart” and “farting on belly” means blowing on belly).

(I hear this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when he creeps into our bedroom to sleep)
Caleb: Mommy, hold you?

(Another from his teacher)
Caleb: My eyes are burning! My eyes are burning!
Teacher: What is hurting your eyes?
Caleb: The sun. It burns. Bright light in window!
(no shortage of drama with this one…)

(Poking my neck)
Me: What are you doing?
Caleb: I fixin’ Mommy’s mole.


Caleb: You’re my favorite mommy. Not Coco or Bubby’s.

(While staring at me in the morning)
Caleb: Hey mom! Wake up!
Me: No, Caleb. Mommy’s tired.
Caleb: Mommy sleepy? WAKE UP! GO D’AIRS! (how he says “downstairs”)

(Wakes up in his diaper)
Caleb: Oh no, I peed bed.

(While putting his poop in the toilet from the potty)
Caleb: YILK! Gross! One more time.

(While laying his head on my chest and listening to my heart)
Caleb: I listen baby’s heart!

(At any loud noise)
Caleb: It hurt mommy ears.

Caleb: Mmm, more pickeetta. (His word for “spaghetti”)

(Trying to pee on the potty)
Caleb: Oh no! (deep sigh) It tuck!

Caleb: We go home. Daddy put medicine on finger. Make it allll better.

Aquarium with Dad

(Putting toys in between his legs and squatting to drop them)
Caleb: I poopin’ toys!

(Anytime Caleb is grumpy, tantrumy, or tired)
Caleb: I need nap. (he says this whining)
Us: Do you need to go to bed and lay down?
Caleb: Yeah, I tired.
(we go to his room and he climbs in bed with his cup of milk. He lays there for about 5 minutes relaxing and…)
Caleb: I awake!
Us: Are you feeling better?
Caleb: Yeah, go d’airs!?
(And it’s crazy but his mood is ALWAYS better. It’s like the kid knows how to modify his own behavior)

Caleb: I need a nap.
Tyler: No, you need to eat dinner, then bath, and then go to bed.
Caleb: I NEED NAP!

(Petting and hugging Butters)
Caleb: My favorite good doggie.

Snuggles with Bubbykins

(Upon first waking up)
Caleb: I dream of robots! I see robot!

(Because Caleb was sick I made him herbal tea with honey and orange. He took one sip of the warm tea, looked at us and said:)
Caleb: It coffee!?!?

Caleb: I running in circles, Daddy! I going fast, Daddy! I firefighter!

(Sitting in the bathroom and going potty with me)
Caleb: Good job, mommy! Yilk, mommy!

(After just waking up and coming down the stairs he runs over to Chloe and hugs her)
Caleb: Hi Sweetie. What dream about?

(Talking on his toy phone)
Caleb: Hello? Hi Grandma. How are you. (jibberish follows). Hello? Hi brodder. How are you?

(Leaving our appt. with our midwife)
Caleb: Bye baby heartbeat.

(After heaving a serious stomach bug and pooping in the potty)
Caleb: (After turning to look at his poop) I make hamburgers!


Woody Jammies

2 thoughts on “Caleb Says…

  1. Hahaha! I poop toys! I also love that he considers Chloe and Butters his other mothers, but that you’re the one he likes best. These are cute.

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